Suddenly, I want to be organized!

A spoke to my friend Roland of last week and I told him that I would like to be organized.

I have been procrastinating for a few years but this time it’s for real. I just downsized my life from 1400 square feet to 300 or less; I have to keep what’s important I have to get rid of all the trash.

Do you have any idea how much it cost for storage these days?

Roland is the CEO of Tips Network [ ] a directory of helpful tips, I have been his Internet Marketing coach for more than two years now.

Suddenly it’s his turn to coach me;

His assignment: To turn me from the messy person that I am, throwing things all over the place, not keeping a good record, to becoming well organized.

I want to be a successful businessman therefore I have to be organized.

Roland is the most organized person I know. As a matter of fact, I have never seen him without his appointment book.


I use a PDA, two laptops, 3 computers, lots of shelf space, and many file cabinets. Roland uses his appointment book, pen, paper, post-it notes, and a couple of folders and he beats me fair and square when it comes to organization.

â€"Is very easy” he says.

Easy my foot!

It’s been almost four days I’m trying to get everything organized and I’ll tell you right now… It is not a walk in the park.

Because I’ve been messy for so many years, not only do I have to be organized from this point forward, but I actually have to organize all my files for the past couple of years.

Let me tell you a story:

When I moved out of my house, I hauled one of my file cabinets to put it in storage. During my organization assignment I realize that almost everything in the cabinet has been there since 2002.

By the time I got it organized 90 percent of the cabinet was empty.


So I’ve been storing this trash for the past five years and I have been buying additional storage bins and cabinets to put all the new stuff.

Are you as bad as I am?

This organization thing, as easy as it may be for Roland, it is very difficult for me. But…

I’m getting the hang of it. So far I really like it.

The other day I had a list of things to do. When I got in my car with my list, I ran around town as if I was taking care of a newspaper route.

That was my first sign that it pays to be organized and it really pays to have a list.

Perhaps one day me and Roland will get together and send you a couple of newsletters about how to be organized. Wouldn’t you like that?

It’s Friday, Go and have a yourself good time!

Me, I will be hanging out at Marabou Café. Tonight is Haitian Rara, Carnival and Brazilian Night.

Au revoir!

Woodring, your humble servant

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Circee says...

thanks to u Woodring, i'm a very organize woman, and also very clean, i
m telling you, never seen one like that, i'm glad that u got organized this is a very good thing.

so keep it like

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Carmel says...

hang in there, it's a positive change.

You already have all the tips to make it, the "to do list" is very effective so bonne chance and God

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Yolene says...

I am a teacher and I don't like to throw away certain papers and books.

so i kept mast of my "parasses" in the apartment where Ilive wiht my three children.You can imagine what my file cabinet looks like.
Don't feel bad. I can relate to your reluctance to empty the file

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Pouche says...

Set goals, but set them with deadlines.

The first step in getting organized is goal setting.

Do you want to organize your home?

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Mimi says...

Hey Woody,
It's Mimi. I was smilling throughout your article and I find out that your friend Roland and myself are organized in the same way. I have been an Early Childhood Educator for the past ten years and in the middle of the fourth year I learned to organized my plans as well as my props in a file cabinet and several large bins for my props that are labeled sealed, and stored in my basement apartment.

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Ebine Mike says...

Hi, once again it's very good to be a memeber of one gruop, like i say before i have my degree at the unversity of Liverpool after my studies i with into marketing as a businessman, i love to help people i meet on my

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