Suddenly, I want to be organized!

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Topic: Suddenly, I want to be organized!

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Hi, once again it's very good to be a memeber of one gruop, like i say before i have my degree at the unversity of Liverpool after my studies i with... read more >
Ebine Mike, 24-Feb-07 9:48 am
Hey Woody, It's Mimi. I was smilling throughout your article and I find out that your friend Roland and myself are organized in the same way. I have... read more >
Mimi, 24-Feb-07 10:05 am
Set goals, but set them with deadlines. The first step in getting organized is goal setting. Do you want to organize your home? Your office? Your... read more >
Pouche, 24-Feb-07 9:40 pm
I am a teacher and I don't like to throw away certain papers and books. so i kept mast of my "parasses" in the apartment where Ilive wiht my three... read more >
Yolene, 25-Feb-07 8:52 am
hang in there, it's a positive change. You already have all the tips to make it, the "to do list" is very effective so bonne chance and God bless. read more >
Carmel, 26-Feb-07 9:03 am
thanks to u Woodring, i'm a very organize woman, and also very clean,i m telling you, never seen one like that, i'm glad that u got organized this... read more >
Circee, 26-Feb-07 9:34 pm


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