She Is Haitian, Miss Bahamas Universe 2011

Breaking News from Miss Universe 2011 - Miss Bahamas is also Haitian... That's 3 for Haiti...

Anastagia Pierre was the first Haitian Miss Florida...

Here is a photo of Anastagia Pierre on the cover of Haitienne Magazine.

This means we have three beautiful Haitian women representing Haiti in Miss Universe 2011...

  • Anedie Azael, Miss Haiti
  • Anastagia Pierre, Miss Bahamas
  • Easher Parker, Miss Turks and Caicos

Yess... Turks & Caicos nan baz wi... LOL...

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So far we know that...

  1. Anastagia Pierre, Miss Bahamas was featured on Haitienne Magazine
  2. She was also features on Amour Creole Magazine
  3. Her father is Haitian
  4. Her mother is Bahamian
  5. She grew up in Grand Bahama
  6. She was the first Haitian Miss Florida
  7. She was Miss Teen Florida
  8. She is an American-born Haitian-Bahamian beauty queen... I like that...

Is there anything you want to say about about Anastagia Pierre

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Correction says...

Her Mom is Haitian.

born in the Bahamas to Haitian Parents.

Her dad is

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