Read the Bible in English and Haitian Creole, one verse at a time!

Lately, I have been sharing a bible verse from each and every morning with my followers on Facebook and Twitter. I like it, they like it too... I've discovered that you don't have to be a Christian to read the Bible... Here is the vese I shared today:

La Saint Bible - The Holy Bible (French)
La Saint Bible - The Holy Bible (French)

Kreyol: Ezayi 41:10

"Nou pa bezwen pè. Mwen la avèk nou! Nou pa bezwen kite anyen ban nou kè sote. Se mwen menm ki Bondye nou. M'ap ban nou fòs, m'ap ede nou. M'ap soutni nou ak fòs ponyèt mwen ki pa janm pèdi batay."

Francais: Isaie 41:10

"Ne crains rien, car je suis avec toi; Ne promène pas des regards inquiets, car je suis ton Dieu; Je te fortifie, je viens à ton secours, Je te soutiens de ma droite triomphante."

English: Isaiah 41:10

"Don`t you be afraid, for I am with you; don`t be dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you; yes, I will help you; yes, I will uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness."

How all this started: I shared a bible verse one on Facebook and a few of my followers said: Keep it coming!

I find it very fulfilling as this bible verse I share has a lot to do with how I am feeling on that day or what is going on in the world...

I picked this one because of a morning conversation I had with a very close friend who is going through some personal problems. I am no preacher but I hope my friend got to read it.

I am not exactly what you would call a Christian but lately I've been reading the bible a lot because of this new task I just added to my to do list every morning.

If you are interested in reading the Bible verses I share every morning, be sure to follow me on Facebook -- -- or follow @FouyeHaiti on Twitter. It is the first order of the day.

I also invite you to visit where you can read the bible in French, English and Haitian Creole all at the same time.

Have you had time to read though any of the bible verses I share?

What do you think about this?

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Marsy says...

So true!!! My hope comes from my God and His Living

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Jocelyne says...

Thank you for that I like it
God always be there for

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Bonito says...

Why I thank you much for raising the bar in this conversation venue as a little bit of opium goes a long way. Our souls shall now be saved and all we need in these times of trials and tribulations is an

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Georges Eugene says...

Keep The Good Work and Keep On Praying! "Our Father Who Art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Done on Earth as is in Heaven, Give us Today Our Daily Bread, Forgive Us Our Trespasses as we Forgive Those Who Trespass Against Us, Lead Us not Into Temptation, Deliver Us From

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Carl says...

Very helpful!! Our souls need to be feed as well as our body good

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Wegenjaar says...

M vle jis fe'w konnen kem mwen li mesaj (ZANMI an) e mwen kontan poum lil. li rekonfotan tou.

Mwen sonje lem tap gradi te genyen yon radio kite te rele radyo limye yo te konn chante yon ti chante ke mwen te rayi anpil kidi "Li la bib ou wa va gradi nan bone ki pap janm fini..." Kontinye e pan kew ke zanmi facebook ou yo ak twiter ou yo ap tre kontan li yo. sitou an

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Jacques L says...

Yes, man. I bought my Kreyol Bible in Haiti 20yrs ago and loved reading in Kreyol ever since.


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Richie says...

Amen. Nan 2 wa 6 vs. 16 li di sa ki avek nou an li pi fo pase sa ki avek yo

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Viki says...

God will bless you for that. That's the most important news ever...

As life goes on, times are getting more and more difficult, so people need to know there is still hope; which they can only find by reading the

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Chase My Tail says...

Bon travail, mwen tre

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