Sexual Harassment in the Haitian Workplace

It's been said that they are three places in the world, strongly dependent on testoterone and the tyrany of the Phallus. They are: Haiti, Hollywood, and Corporate America.

In order to find a job, in order to get a promotion, in order to climb the ladder, in order to survive at large on the Haitian market, (We do not say always...But most of the time) you better be nice and be ready to get on your back when requested.

Anyone has the right to use whatever means she or he wants to achieve his/her goal.

We are not here to patronize you neither are we trying to dictate some puritan vision of the world.

We stand behind the principle that a woman in the work place, in Haiti, should not be forced, pushed, encouraged, proposed, suggested to give sex in exchange of any kind of favor.

A woman who says no to her boss advances should not be fired.

The legislation should allow her to prosecute her boss, her co-worker, her supervisor, get her job back, be compensated or eventually get the boss fired.

Sexual harassment implies also inappropriate remarks, persistent unwanted solicitations, persistent unwelcome proposals, intimidation, touching, exhibitionism, indecent exposure, foul language...

Our Intervention:
We need arrest, jail time, fines, firing, financial compensation...

We need muscled measures and strong laws.

We also need re-education, debates, conferences, town meetings around this despicable and cathartic theme of sexual harassment in the working place, in Haiti..

This is part of the Respect For The Haitian Woman articles series by HaitiCentral.

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