Rehabilitation of Haiti's Palais Aux 365 Portes Begins

Restoration work has officially begun on the Palais aux 365 Portes (The 365-Door Palace) at Petite Rivière de l'Artibonite Haiti.

This great Haitian monument, originally named Le Palais de la Belle-Rivière, was built back in 1816 as the residence of Haitian King Henry I.

This is not the first time the 365-door palace is being restored. Back in 1932, under the government of Stenio Vincent, work started to restore the incomplete palace laid in ruins after a century of abandonment.

Hopefully this time the rehabilitation work will be complete to turn this historical jewel into a money making tourist attraction for Petite Rivière de l'Artibonite.

Personally, I have never never seen the Palais aux 365 Portes but I intend to change that very soon.

Question: What do you think about the Martelly government's initiative to rehabilitate the Palais aux 365 Portes?

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Jean Claude says...

wonderful! Mr. President, I congratulate you for doing such a great job to bring Haiti's culture and land scape into the for front of the world.

That's what we need. Jamaica does it, Cuba does it, Bahamas does it, why not Haiti.

these initiatives are good to help Haitians self-esteem to be uplifted.

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John says...

This is a great idea this place if i got money i will buy it to make money and give people

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Max says...

I like the ideal, I know U.N.P.D have been trying many times with this project.

I hope this time its a

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Ernst Azemar says...

I congratulate the Martelly-Lamothe government for doing whatever they can to take care of our landmarks, true source of our pride as a

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Normand Trudel says...

Je pense que c'est une excellente idée que la rénovation du Palais à 365 portes ça va faire une attration touristique de plus pour le touriste

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Paatrick Gaspard says...

I remember the restoration of this monument was a project back in the years 87-88 when I was working at ISPAN.

It's a good initiative and I think they should include other monuments like the ancient sugar factories.

Specialy the ones in Plaine du Cul de sac, are really

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Ludner Charles says...

I think it's a wonderful initiative by the government to rehabilitate one of your landmark.

It is about time that someone take the lead for change.

Chapo ba pour le gouvernement

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Lionel Vernet says...

I think our President is showing himself very intellectual by this action and we praised him for that. Sa pa travay yon moun fou. Joseph Michel Martelly se yon sitoyen Ayisyen konsekan and nou di bravo Mr. President.

Well, I am very familiar with this Palace and it was a shame under the Duvalier to see this historic monument become a VSN bureau.

My big brother lives right behind the Palace in the road going to La Crete-a-Pierrot, another historical monument.

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Lucronel says...

It feels so weird to see this place again, which we (I and other people) had the chance to visit back when I was 16-17.

My grandma who was a missionary lady at that church went to a 3 day evangelical mission with me there.

My grandma passed in December

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Subject: Rehabilitation of Haiti's Palais Aux 365 Portes Begins edit

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