President Martelly and Arnel Belizaire Arrive at Delmas 33, Scene Of A Tragic Traffic Accident

Haitian President Martelly, Depute Arnel Belizaire and First Lady Sophia Martelly has just arrived on the scenes of Television National d'Haiti (TNH), now the scene of what will probably be remembered as one the worse traffic accidents in Haitian History.

READ: Tragic Accident, Delmas 33 Haiti, Tractor Trailer Smash Into TNH, Many Dead.

Also on location are Delmas Mayor Wilson Jeudy, Carrefour Mayor Yvon Gerome, Delmas Depute Arnel Belizaire. and many more Haitian government officials.

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Nicolas Ronel says...

This is a good exemple to follow.

President Martelly, spite his problem with the Delmas depute Arnel Belizaire, they were together in a common spirit of solidarity and sympathy for the compatriots victims of this tragedy.

Political problem supposed not to be personal problem.

Go ahead the same way just to save haiti from the pit of misery and difamation and discrimination throughout the

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Mireille S says...

Both President Martelly and Arnell Belizaire doivent supporter le besoin d'assurance pour motorists en Haiti.

C'est irresponsable et negligent de conduire sans foin dans une voiture de cette magnitude ou n'importe quelle voiture.

Il est tant de cesser ce laiisez faire attitude et d'obliger les gens a s'armer assurance s'ils veulent conduire les voitures ainsi pour les maisons afin d' eviter des tragedies pareiles dans le futur.

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David Grant says...

It is good to know that the Haitian officials are showing sympathy to the plight of those poor people.

However, this should not remain there.

They should also enquire about the families of those victims of the accident and find out what is needed to alleviate their pains and sufferings.

This is time for

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Subject: President Martelly and Arnel Belizaire Arrive at Delmas 33, Scene Of A Tragic Traffic Accident edit

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