Haiti has a serious human resource problem, a government official once told me

Education in Haiti A friend of mine, a high-ranking official in the Haitian government once told me Haiti has a serious human resource problem. He explains... more »

Haitian-Canadian Dominique Anglade becomes Deputy Premier in Quebec

PHOTO: Dominique Anglade, Haitian-Canadian Politician Dominique Anglade, daughter of Haitian Professor Georges Anglade, had just been appointed Vice Prime Minister in Quebec (vice premier ministre au Québec). more »

Bishop Max Leroy Mesidor, new Metropolitan Archbishop of Port-au-Prince

Monseigneur Max Leroy Mesidor, new Metropolitan Archbishop of Port-au-Prince On Saturday 07 Oct 2917, Pope Francis appointed Monseigneur Max Leroy Mesidor metropolitan archbishop of Port-au-Prince. more »

Haitian man from Cite Soley donates 10,000 gourdes toward Reconstruction of Haiti National Palace

Steeve Colin, First Haitian to donate to Reconstruciton of National Palace 34 year old Cite Soley resident Steve Colin donated 10,000 gourdes to the Haitian government for the reconstruction of the Haiti National Palace destroyed during the January 2010 earthquake. A Haitian act to rebuild a Haitian symbol, he says... more »

UTFO Roxanne, Roxanne : Did you know Old School Rapper KANGOL Kid is Haitian?

Kangol Kid (UTFO) simply the FIRST Haitian in hip hop! Way back, Before Wyclef Jean, there was another hip-hop superstar named Kangol Kid from the old-school hip hop group Untouchable Force Organization (U.T.F.O.); Did you know that he is Haitian? I just found out... more »

Haiti Mayor Gabriel Fortune says: RADIO Kiskeya is a Propagandist Radio Station

PHOTO: Liliane Pierre Paul, Haitian Journalist Live in her afternoon news program on Radio Kiskeya, Liliane Pierre Paul reported that Les Cayes city mayor Gabriel Fortune accused her radio station of being a propagandist radio station that was tied under the table of the Privert Interim Government. more »

Mackenzy Noze, Haitian in Norwich Connecticut going to prison car crash insurance fraud scheme

Car crash insurance fraud scheme case in Norwich Connecticut Mackenzy Noze is the name of a Haitian citizen in Norwich Connecticut was sentenced Monday in U.S. District Court to 48 months in prison for his role in staging car accidents in order to defraud automobile insurance companies. more »

FLASH: Wyclef Jean says he no longer wants to be President of Haiti

Wyclef Jean Wearing The Haitian Flag Haitian Hip Hop superstar Wyclef Jean no longer wants to run for president of Haiti. The former Fugees rap star told in an interview that he is no longer interested and such an endeavor. more »

President Jovenel Moise Should be fined first for driving without a license plate in Haiti, Eric Jn Baptiste says

Pere Eternel Loto, Officer Tonton Bicha and President Jovenel Moise According to Eric Jn Baptiste (Pere Eternel Loto), the very first person who should be fined $12,000 gourdes for driving without a license plate is the the president himself, Jovenel Moise. more »

Earthquake in Mexico: Haitian Volunteers rush in to help the victims

PHOTO: Earthquake in Mexico - Haitian Volunteers Several young Haitian students and professionals residing in Mexico joined Mexico City Civil Protection Relief Services to assist victims of the earthquake that rocked central Mexico on September 19 and caused the death of approximately 300 people... more »