Is texting helping or breaking up your relationship?

Is constant texting good or bad for your relationship? Nowadays, fighting, making up and breaking up is all done via Whatsapp or Facebook messenger... People are texting each other more than they actually talk to each other.

Moun Damou Pa Kite - Haitian Saying...

If you are reading this chances are you are reading it from a cell phone and your last conversation with your partner was via a text message.

Let me ask you a question: Do you find that texting is good for your relationship is it destroying it completely?

I once dated a woman who spent more time playing with her cell phone than talking to me. Sometimes I would be right next to her and I felt like I should send her a text message instead of actually talking. That's how bad it was.

If you both you enjoy texting each other then you may find that your relationship is fine and growing; however, if one of you prefer communicating the old fashon way, like talking and the old phone conversation, then your relationship may be heading down the drain.

What is your relationship like? do you guys text each other or what? How is that going for you?

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