Oprah Had Dinner with Haiti President Martelly

Oprah Winfrey had dinner Haitian President Michel Martelly and his wife Sophia... Guess What... Oprah promised the Haitian president that she will return to Haiti...

Oprah Winfrey and Haiti President Michel Martelly
Oprah Winfrey and Haiti President Michel Martelly

What did Oprah, President Martelly and the First Lady have for Dinner?

Good question...

No one seems to know whether Oprah Winfrey was served some Haitian Griot, tasot, lanbi, or some bouillon Tet Kabrit but I am sure Oprah enjoyed some our finest Haitian Cuisine!

Le yon moun tankou Oprah vinn manje lakay ou, mwen sur y-ap koche yon kabrit pou li kanmennm...

It's the Haitian way!

Oprah... Make sure you tell Rachel Ray that the Haitian dish is called GRIOT...

Yeeeeessss... 'Greeeeee...Yooooo...'

I'll Be Back... Oprah says...

In a very short article, the Associated Press reports... "The [Haitian] president previously said he hoped [Oprah] the television personality would be a goodwill ambassador for Haiti. Winfrey says no formal role was discussed but he made her promise to return to Haiti and she did."

What do you think about that?

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Simone A Saintelus says...

Oprah is a wonderful person i love her very much. There is no dought about that she want to do what ever she want for Haiti let her do it. God bless her

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Vilo says...

mouin se haitien, min mouin pa kon-n pale creol tankou-ou, min mouin dako avek ou san pou san.yon le, tout moun-n ap vin-n oue sa kap passe an haiti.

haiti va continie pou yon model pou yo tout. nou se pitit Bon Die tou. yon jou Bon Die ap sonje nou, lap fe nou gras. Bon Die, beni-ou zanmi

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Miejo says...

Oh! please give a chance, relax, Oprah is the world herself, attention to the world is not proper to say.
Haiti peyi sole, Haiti peyi chans, Haiti pour Quisqueya, Haiti te beni, Haiti pap peri, Haiti te liberte...

Haiti peyi 21 nasyon, al fouye, pou ka konen.

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Fils Aime Duplan says...

it is very nice as you said but it is important to notice that she for herself...just to get attention from the world...very simple.

which is very different from sean

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Miejo says...

Moi, par contre je remercie les dieux de leur avoir donne la volonte de visiter et de voir de leur propre yeux combien HAITI EST UN PAYS RICHE, avec leur connaissance et leur savoir vivre ils finiront par eduquer le pauvre peuple haitien comment gerer leur richesse, Car Oprah en sait

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T Lagwe says...

Oprah loked so Haitian with that hat ! I hope she comes back and build a hotel, like
" Oprah's

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Mm says...

Hi, It is not just how to eat got...it is more important to see how we can take advantages (good) of those potentials help for Haiti.

Our women and children there, I am pretty sure that Oprah went to see how she can help us to create a new age for them and create jobs somehow.

Do we really know how to use those opportunities without taking for granted that all the time we will be sponsored?

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