Hi, It is not just how to eat got...it is more important to...

Mm - December 14 2011, 9:23 AM

Hi, It is not just how to eat got...it is more important to see how we can take advantages (good) of those potentials help for Haiti.

Our women and children there, I am pretty sure that Oprah went to see how she can help us to create a new age for them and create jobs somehow.

Do we really know how to use those opportunities without taking for granted that all the time we will be sponsored?

We wont have Oprah or Sean everywhere or everyday to solve our problems...but we might tanks God that they feel concerned about our sadness or poverty...and be prepared to collaborate in a good maner, smartly and seriously to bring a new wind to our country...I feel so happy to see those precious help in my country...I like Oprah.

Sean has a so tender eyes for our poor people...

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