Only In Haiti, Guilty of Attempted Kidnapping, Free To Go!

The U.S. missionary who was accused of attempted kidnapping in Haiti has been convicted and guess what else? She has been released. Laura Silsby is free to go!

Watch this video news report from the Associated press.

(video not available)

In the United States, Laura Silsby would be convicted of attempted kidnapping but in Haiti, she was convicted for "arranging illegal travel under a 1980 statute restricting movement out of Haiti signed by then-dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier"

In other words... There are no laws to protect the children of Haiti...

Her 3 months in prison in Haiti is her only sentence?

That's all you get in Haiti for attempting to kidnap 33 children?


Do you agree with the judge's decision?

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Youlou says...

I answer to this because i want all haitians to think not act with theirs fellings.

The decision is rigth according to ours laws.!) the kidnaping charge was dismiss since the prosecutor could not secure the kids' parents testimonies against her, so she appears in court with a less charge of attempted remember this attempted unlawfull travel organisation.

She get convicted on this lesser charge and the judge give her the small time amount witch is 6 months on this. And the lespinasse law is a law applied by all roman law countries in the world set her free
know before you

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Guerlens Venet says...

vous connaissez deja les crises que mon pays traversse il n'est pas question de nous traiter comme cela inhumain tu es vraiment avec cette mots nous sommes qui une connaissances vraiment puissances c'est communauter international nous empeche de progresser la seule chose qui nous brise c'est ce que mon peuple est diviser je crois que un jour vous verrez le changement je crois la justice dans mon pays a un faiblesse de meme pour tout les secteurs dans mon pays a un faiblesse n'oublie pas s'il te plait nous travaissons une crise depuis combien de t'an essayer s'il te plait de nous aider a sortir de la au lieu de nous critiquer mon pays

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Serge Saint Felix says...

Those missionaries were victimims of attempting to eradicate (RESTAVEK) in a society where everyone knows everything but can't do nothing just talk, habla bla bla bla time is pressing and haitians are still fighting for tarps and rice sinistreee.

My heart and sympathy goes to those who are willing to sacrifice themselves for a cruel and inhuman

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That S A Shame says...

Haiti still doing corruption...

with money you can do whatever you want in Haiti,
the worse country in the world.

that's a shame they dont even have no law for children.

everyday Haitians politician thinking how we gonna do to do the corruption.

they are just thinking with money

34; politisyen ayisyen se atoufe yo

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Kiki says...

Al wrote:
"By the way did you see how frail she seemed compared to when she first went in into incarceration"

Good for her. She lost some weight for free. In the states, she would have to spend money to get in shape.

Hope she will keep them

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Fortune says...

there's no law in haiti...everybody can do whatever they want in haiti..but it's not's time to

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Al Sauray Facebook says...

She spent 3 month in Haitian jail, that would be equivalent to 1 .5 year in US jail...

that enough punishment -- By the way did you see how frail she seemed compared to when she first went in into incarceration.

(Al-J'ean J. Sauray on

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