Oil Leak From The Peligre Hydroelectic Dam, The Culprit For The Outbreak In Haiti

haitianinternet.com/articles.php/7...BREAKING NEWS - Haiti's Deadly Cholera Epidemic may be the result of an Oil leak. Hydrolic transmission oil is leaking out of the turbines in the Peligre hydro-electric plant. 6 to 7 drums of oils per turbine are leaking out into the Artibonite river. Is there a cover up?

Locals are being told not to even bathe in the artibonite river

Here an article published by Agence Haitienne De Presse (AHP) on October 21 2010:

A major oil leak at the Peligre hydroelectric power plant in central Haiti may contribute in the Artibonite River contamination - presently being blamed for the deadly cholera epidemic - causing more than 100 deaths amongst the residents of the Artibonite river valley.

haitianinternet.com/picture-217According to local authorities, the 3 turbines of the Peligre hydroelectric power plant are in such poor condition that hydraulic transmission oil (Azolla ZS 68 and Thelus 68) is leaking out of the turbines.

An estimated 18 to 24 drums of oil (6 to 7 drums of oil per turbine) escapes daily and flows into the artibonite river

The Peligre Hydroelectic Dam is located between Thomonde and Mirebalais in Haiti's central department.

This Hydraulic oil infested, poisoned, river water, mixed with all sorts of fecal matter, flows down into the central artibonite region and is being ingested by humans and animals alike.

According to many people in the area, this is a known fact in the region but authorities refuse to talk about it publicly.

In a press conference Thursday, The Minister of Public Health, Alex Larsen, acknowledged that we should be wary of the artibonite river because all cases and casualties have been among the people living in communities along the river.

The 3 turbines in in the Peligre dam provide 18 megawatts of electricity each for a total of 54 megawatts, but given their deteriorated state, they now provide between 12 and 14 megawatts each.

Translation: Woodring Saint Preux

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Blake says...

Hello my name is Lynn, I am scheduled to go to Haiti with the Kensington curchh from birmingham michigan in Jan. of 2011. I will be volunteering for the mission of hope. I am very excited about my first trip and doing everything i can to help the people and conditions there in Haiti.

The latest news however about the cholera outbreak has my friends and family freaking out about my upcoming trip. How can i reasure them or should i in fact reconsider until a later

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Hermione Joseph says...

My dearest! Respect for you. you have said it all.No needs for me at all to add anyting to your reply.

We need to do somthing and now.We need to help these people now and start rebuilding our country with our resources.

so we can prevent such a thing to occur one more time.
Love and peace to you

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Josy says...

It is about time that we start holding people accountable for their actions, and lack thereof in Haiti.

It seems that we have become immune to those tragedies, and Haitians' lives are worth zero. We need to start naming names, and posting pictures of the culprits on the web. The diaspora should start putting demands on the government to do something about corruption in the country.

How old is The Peligre Hydroelectric Dam?

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Will Smith says...

I had a very good feeling that Cholera could not cause that many deaths.

People have been drinking dirty water for years, yet little of none of them died. I knew it was some sort of

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