New York Times Unpublishes Haiti Restavec Photos after finding Photojournalist lied about photo subjects

The New York Times has unpublished a post showcasing photographs of Haitian child servants. Apparently, photojournalist Vlad Sokhin lied about the people in this photos, one of whom he paid $100 a day to be his driver, according to the editor's note...

Restavek in Haiti, the Vlad Sokhin photographs

Here is a clip..

The Times learned that the photographer [Vlad Sokhin] had a business relationship with the man whose family was the subject of many of the pictures.

The man, Lesli Zoe Petit-Phar, had been paid $100 a day to be the photographer's driver, guide and translator -- a so-called "fixer."

Had The Times known this, it would not have published the pictures or written the post describing them. Both the post and the slide show have been removed.

Editors for The New York Times spoke Lesli Zoe Petit-Phar who confirmed that he had worked for photojournalist Vlad Sokhin and he expressed concern that Mr. Sokhin had unfairly portrayed his family's relationship with Judeline, the girl who lives with them.

Mr. Petit-Phar was shown in one of the pictures being served a beer by the girl.

Also read: Response to "Vlad Sokhin's Photos of Haiti's Child Servants" by Laurence Kaplan

Me li wi mezanmi... Freaking reporters slandering Haitians... "probably in false pursuit of a Pulitzer," as Laurence puts it...


What do you think about this fool Vlad Sokhin and all the other opportunistic journalists like him who use Haiti to further their carrer?

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Miejo says...

I am tired of telling you, Haiti is so rich even is poverty is for

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David Grant says...

When I read the story, I had my doubt on how the journalist has obtained detailed account of the life of a restavec.

I do not believe that haitians who has restavecs in their care would readily allowed a stranger to photograph the child and admitted that the child is a

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Luckson Louis says...

He is a c**k s****r, Freaking reporters.

we have to show real images of Haiti those that makes us proud to be Haitian, those that will help us to

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Santia says...

Woodring, this is why Haitians should start working together and value each other's works more. It is people like that photojournalist who never stops to put shame on this country..

If he was a real human being and in pursuit of a pulitzer prize, he should have instead focused on something else. Not only did he focus on something negative, he made up the freaking stories.

I mean come on, that is just sad...

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Subject: New York Times Unpublishes Haiti Restavec Photos after finding Photojournalist lied about photo subjects edit

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