FLASH: Haiti - Mayor Nice Simon (Anne) severely beaten by her man Yves Leonard

Breaking News... Nice Simon, the mayor of Tabarre Haiti was attacked... Photos of Haitian the actress and mayor spread on social media after she was reportedly beaten by her companion Yves Leonard.

PHOTO: Nice Simon - Mayor of Tabarre Haiti
PHOTO: Nice Simon - Mayor of Tabarre Haiti

There are many pictures released on October 2, 2018 that show the body of the actress of I love you Anne covered with scars and bruises, traces of the brutality of which she was a victim.

According to reports coming in this incident happened early Tuesday morning, around 1:00am, and there are many speculations over the reason why Nice fell victim this latest episode of domestic violence.

Loop Haiti reports...

It is not the first time that the concubine of Nice Simon, Yves Leonard, inflicts blows and wounds to her, relatives say.

Nice Simon was able to escape to take refuge with relatives. Her phone was confiscated by her attacker who, Loop Haiti reports, has threatened her life and swear to find her.

An SOS is launched to judges and government commissioners, to feminist organizations, to human rights defenders in general, to journalists, and especially to the different Associations of Mayors, including FENAMH and AMO, for an intervention in favor of the Mayor from Tabarre.

The relatives of the victim await the competent authorities reactions on the subject.

Tabarre Haiti Mayor Nice Simon to meet the press Wednesday after being severely beaten by her partner Yves Leonard

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Yvanna says...

also, read

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Yvanna says...

What you said is very inaccurate of course her family are going to be in Nice side what about the other side, in addition, you stated no quotes lacking evidence and this is coming from a

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Phenix says...

No should deserved that. Anne keep your heard up the man who did should go to jail this is a

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Phenix says...

This is sad. Major Nice Simon you are my favorite person.

I am so sorry what happened to you. And there are some people who is abusing relationships and they can't get out. You are the best person ever love you keep your hard up. I will be praying for you. This shouldn't happen to

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