New Haiti Calling Card, 16 Minutes Talk Time for 2 Dollars

If you are looking a good calling card to call Haiti, here is the new Haiti calling card to call your family and friends in Haiti!

Haiti Calling Card introduces VOILA 509, a new calling card that allows you to call Haiti and talk for up to 16 minutes for only 2 Dollars.

What's great about this new VOILA Haiti Calling Card is that the person you call in Haiti will get 1 Gourde cash back for every minute that you talk to them if they have a Voila Haiti cell phone

Cell phone users in Haiti will 16 Gourde of talk time added to their cell phone by the time you're done talking to them.

Here is an official statement about the new Voila Haiti Calling Card:

Introducing the Voila 509 International Calling Card!

Voil is proud to present the newest, easiest way to keep in touch with your friends and family in the 509 - the Voil 509 International Calling Card.

With a $2 Voil 509 International calling card:

  • You can talk for up to 16 minutes on the first call to any Voil telephone number!
  • The Voil customer you call receives 1 Gourde CASH BACK for each minute that you talk to them - up to 16 Gourdes cash back for a $2 card!!
  • There are dozens of local access numbers for your convenience

The Voil 509 card is available now, wherever international calling cards are sold.

For more info about the new Voila Haiti Calling Card and to add minutes to Voila Haiti cell phone visit

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Jerry says...

please help me find that voila phone card i used to buy once a web side call i can't use no more please help me give the other web side if you know one

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Lisa says...

i truly believe they should BOYCOTT All the prepaid card's especially VOILA for the pas year i have been using the card to call my family in haiti, when i call another voila phone they was suppose to give me 16minutes, after 6minutes it cut off at first when i called customer service the told me the call drop ok i guess the call drop 100

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Saint-fort-jocelyn says...

bonjour mon nom est SAINT-FORT- JOCELYN,
il y a une annee je vis en

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