New Credit Boost in Haiti Expected to Bounce Back The Economy

You often hear of a stimulus package in the USA... Everyday is about the economy... Now Haitian authorities announced their version of a stimulus package to boost the Haitian economy in order to "stop what's left of the middle class from leaving Haiti," Prime Minister Bellerive said.

Haiti Open For Business

The new proposition could achieve economic growth rates above 6 percent in the years to come according to an article just published by Reuters.

Good news for the Haitian real estate market

To further boost financing for housing, the article says, the Central Bank of the Republic of Haiti (BNC) is working on a plan to offer fixed-rate, long-term loans over 10-15 years for residential real estate.

This is the greatest need in Haiti now... Obviously!

Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive says:

"All we are doing, working with the banks, the insurance companies, trying to create more investment in Haiti... trying to rebuild... support that middle class... ant stop what's left of the middle class from leaving Haiti"

Not only that, Mr. Prime Minister... you are also encouraging the middle class in the diaspora to come home and invest... Vinn Investi... like T-Vice says...

Bravo... 10 points for the Prime Minister!


BNC's Charles Castel says:

"We are working on all those measures to boost credit, we hope that next year we're going to have 8-10 percent growth"

Sounds like Haiti is BACK IN BUSINESS!

What do you think?

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Lala says...

It's always like that. Right before the election, some beautiful, sound proposals always popped-up out of nowhere to make the Haitians feel that something serious is about to happen.

It's the same story every time, every time, and every time.

All Haitians need now is the evaluate these folks's actions in a concrete manner.

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Sergo Jean says...

Nou pa gen palmante, pou vote lwa sa se parol tafia .yo jus ap cheche vot nan eleksyon ki pral fet la e yap fe tou sa ki pa bon pou yo jwen vwa.apre sa pep la a peye consekans sa yo fe ya. yo pase preske 5 ane san fe anyen kouniye ya yo kwe yo ka korije 4ane

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Tomy says...

Idon't want to be negative, but i hope this is not a talk show, as we all know doing is one thing, but doing is a whole different thing.

I am sorry, but i don't believe our government talk show, until i start seing some action, it is always talk talk talk after Papa dock died, but no action.

the reason i mention papa dock is that he was the last president that i learn, if he give you money for a project and it is not done or complete, you better get ready to explain to him where the money went, or else, i guess you all know what i am talking

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Ricardo Zephirin says...

BNC (Banque Nationale de

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Alister Wm Macintyre says...

Several other things need to be done in combination with this.

Parliament needs to spell out rights of tenants, and both homeless and disaster displaced victims, how they can resolve disputes when their land tenure security is violated, and how this is to be enforced.

Include residents of Haiti's "red zones."

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Yo El says...

I think it Is great.

Haiti Is a very proud country all It needs Is the financial backing of those who can afford to support Haiti cherie financially.

Haiti has many Intellectuals that can govern the country well with those nice folks from other countries like the U.S.A.China, Israel,Europe, Venezuela,and many others.

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