Poverty in Haiti is disguised, Things are worse than what they appear to be

Whatever you think poverty is in Haiti, it is much worse than that. The poverty you see and hear about, that's the disguise. The rabbit hole is much deeper.

Lending a Hand - Pep Haitien lonje men yo pou resevwa kichòy, anyen pa poko tonbe...

With the political situation in Haiti in a never ending downfall, Haitians across the land are sinking deeper into poverty.

On the surface, many Haitians look like they're doing fine, like the song says, they have a little business which mostly consists of selling soda cans, energy drinks, toilet paper, water and other products of basic necessities but they are barely surviving.

A lot of Haitians are sinking deeper into debt, barely making ends meet.

Reuters recently published an article where he mentioned a Haitian small business owner whose small business was destroyed by the political situation in Haiti. The man is almost living in hiding fearing those he owes money to.

Poverty in Haiti is disguised. Things are worse than what they appear to be. Whatever decisions that are supposed to be made to make things better in the country that need to be made now.

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Pauvrete En Haiti says...

Quoi que vous pensiez être la pauvreté en Haïti, c'est bien pire que cela. La pauvreté dont vous voyez et entendez, c'est le déguisement.

Le trou du lapin est beaucoup plus profond.

Avec la situation politique en Haïti dans une chute sans fin, les Haïtiens à travers le pays s'enfoncent encore plus dans la pauvreté.

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Subject: Poverty in Haiti is disguised, Things are worse than what they appear to be edit

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