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Haiti Electric Bill: EDH announces now you can now use MonCASH to pay your Electric Bill

DIGICEL EDH Press Conference: Now you can us MonCASH to pay your EDH Bills Back in March 2017, I wrote an article about EDH, Haiti's electric company, who refuses to modernize their payment system. Finally, last week, they announced you can use now Digicel's MonCASH payment system to pay your electric bill... That's good... They listened!!! more »

The Parsley Massacre: Seventy-five years ago, the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic was the scene of a mass slaughter

Haiti neg maron dominican flag olive branch Seventy-five years ago, the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic was the scene of a mass slaughter that has long burned in Haitians' collective memory but was either unknown or forgotten in the wider world. more »

Haiti Greve : Labor Union leaders Divided, is there a strike in Haiti today or NOT?

Tap Tap Transportation Gonaives Haiti If you listened to the news early morning Monday 02 October 2017 and you are probably as confused as I am on whether or not there is a strike in Haiti to day. more »

Haiti Crime: Petionville, Janet beauty supply store owner shot and killed in armed robbery

Crime Scene in Haiti Crime in Petionville Haiti - One of the owners of Janet beauty supply store at rue Chavannes was shot and killed in an armed robbery Friday... more »

Dangerous Hurricane IRMA is coming, how prepared are the most vulnerable in Haiti?

Haiti Hurricane Season - Message from Protection Civile It's Wednesday in Hinche Haiti, "Jou Marchée". An old lady came from the countryside with a 'Makout' filled with avocados for sale, 6 avocados for 25 gourdes, she has no idea that there is dangerous storm coming. more »

Hurricane Irma: Florida Declare a State of Emergency, Haiti is in BIG Trouble

Hurricane Irma : Haiti Forecast Update : IRMA will Hit Haiti hard Bad news for Haiti... Hurricane Irma has already strengthened into a Category 4 storm Monday afternoon. Florida Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency. Things are not looking good for Haiti and the Dominican Republic. more »

Haitian Women, is it true that black-eyed peas (pwa jenwa) is BAD for you if you just had a baby?

PHOTO: Organic Haitian Black-eyed peas Sometimes you don't know who to believe in Haiti. A young woman who just had a baby in Haiti has been told NOT to eat black-eyed peas (pwa jenwa) whille she is nursing. It's BAD for you, bad for the baby, they tell her. Is that TRUE of FALSE? more »

If a Haitian preacher ADMIT having killed people with voodoo in the past, shouldn't he be in prison?

Men Bon Levanjil - Haitien an di: Lèm te nan lemond mwen te konn touye moun, konye a mwen aksepte Jezi... How many times you hear an audio of a Haitian preacher admitting openly on the pulpit how he killed another Haitian supernaturally, turn them to zombies before converting to Christianity? Should these people be in prison? more »

Haiti Communique - Creation Nouvelle Brigade d'Intervention Contre l'Insecurite Fonciere (BRICIF)

Land For Sale in Haiti Haiti Gouvernement - Le Secrétariat général du Conseil des ministres informe qu'il a été décidé, par arrêté pris en Conseil des ministres du 12 juillet 2017, de créer la Brigade d'Intervention Contre l'Insécurité Foncière (BRICIF). more »

Haitian Jokes - A Haitian man walks into a bank in New York City, read what happens next...

Two Haitian Women Laughing A Haitian man walks into a bank in New York City and asks for the loan officer. He tells the loan officer that he is going to Haiti on a vacation for two weeks and needs to borrow $5,000. more »