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How Haitians celebrate 1er Mai, Agriculture and Work day

May 1st of each year is Holiday in Haiti, It is Haitian agriculture and work day. So, How is this day celebrated besides workers getting a day off and the government planting a few trees? more »

Travel to Chile - Haitians and Venezuelans are not treated the same, why?

Haiti: Peyi sa pa Ofri anyen, CHILI tèt Dwat There has been a serious drop in the number of Haitians traveling to Chile due to new visa requirements mais there is something that we Haitians don't know about... Read this... more »

Maggi, Criolitto, les bouillons cubes sont-ils dangereux pour la sante?

Bouillon Cubes - Haitians call them all MAGGI Les morceaux de bouillons en poudre comme Maggi, El Criollito en Haiti, sont très économiques et ils ont un goût savoureux. Mais sont-ils sans danger pour l'organisme humain ? more »

The Parsley Massacre: Seventy-five years ago, the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic was the scene of a mass slaughter

Haiti neg maron dominican flag olive branch Seventy-five years ago, the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic was the scene of a mass slaughter that has long burned in Haitians' collective memory but was either unknown or forgotten in the wider world. more »

If Haiti is poor, it is because the majority of Haitians are poor in their mentality

PHOTO: Haitians selling soft drinks on the side of the road in Chile Si Haiti pòv, se paske majorite ayisyen pòv nan mantalite yo --- Can you understand that somebody spends more than $3,000 to $5,000 US to go to Chile, only to go sell soda bottles on the side of the road, something they could've done back in Haiti by investing only 500 gourdes. more »

Journalist criticizes law that allows 3 shifts of work in Haiti, he has a problem with the Night Shift

One of the topic being discussed on a Haitian radio station today was the labor law that allows Haitians to work three 8-hour shifts. He has a problem with the night shift... more »

Are you in a Haitian carnival Mood today? -

PHOTO: Haiti Carnaval 2018 - Ayiti Jan l Dwe Ye Are you in a carnival Mood today? Just updated with all the latest Haiti Kanaval videos to get it ready for Haiti Kanaval 2018... more »

Haitian Soccer History: December 18 1973 - December 18 2003

No man is truly great who is great only in his lifetime. The test of greatness is the page of history. more »

Haiti Music - Manno Charlemagne is Dead

The Haitian music industry is mourning the death of legendary Haitian singer Emmanuel 'Manno' Charlemagne who passed away early Sunday Morning, 10 Dec 2017, in Miami Beach Florida. more »

TPS for Haitians affects the Economy at home: Money is in short supply these days...

Father Gerard Jean-Juste - TPS For Haitians Many small businesses in the Haitian city were we live are complaining less and less customers are coming in to buy goods and services these days. The holidays season is approaching and they are not feeling it. What could be the cause? TPS is one of the culprits... more »