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Life as usual slowly returning to Port-de-Paix Haiti after Oct 6 earthquake

The Haitian government decided to repair Port-de-Paix hospital immediately after the earthquake Many people lost their lives in the city Port-de-Paix Haiti after an earthquake hit the city on October 6, 2018, but life is slowly returning back to normal according to news reports. more »

FLASH: Another Haiti earthquake was felt in Hinche, Mirebalais and Ouanaminthe Sunday afternoon

Earthquake in Haiti Another earthquake was felt in the city of Hinche Haiti around 4:2 p.m. Sunday afternoon. It was for a brief second but everyone in the neighborhood started running outside because they felt it. more »

FLASH: Haiti Emergency - Hospital General just reported 20 or more people just rushed in from some type of gas inhalation, One dead so far

Breaking News From Haiti Medical Emergency from Haiti - Hospital General just reported that 20 or more people just rushed into the hospital from some type of gas inhalation. one person is dead so far. No one know yet what type of gas it is or its source. more »

Michele Bennett remembers Jean-Claude Duvalier on the anniversary date of his death

PHOTO: Haiti - Lantèman Jean Claude Duvalier - Michele Bennett ap kriye nan bra Colonel Joseph Baguidy... Former first lady of Haiti Michèle Bennett Duvalier, remembers her late husband, President Jean Claude 'BabyDoc' Duvalier on this day, October 4th, the anniversary date of the death of former dictator of Haiti. Read her message here. more »

Cite Soleil Haiti, sounds of gunshots after a long period of peace

PHOTO: Cite Soleil - Haiti Map It's has been a long time since anyone heard about trouble in Cite Soleil, an extremely impoverished and densely populated commune located in Port-au-Prince metropolitan area, but lately tension seems to be rising again. more »

What happens when Haiti's government budget is not voted in time by parliament?

Caricature: Haiti's Government Budget, it's like an Octopus What happens when Haiti's new annual budget is not voted in time by parliament? Read this and find out... more »

Haiti Religion: Prophet Mackenson Dorilas breaks the rules, he continues with his miracles depites orders not to

Haiti - Pasteur Mackenson says 21 Punaise, the Cure for AIDS Haiti's Ministère des Cultes told Prophet Mackenson Dorilas NO more miracles, but the prophet made the cripple walk live on Facebook after he was told to stop for one month. more »

VIDEO: Ellen Plays Matchmaker for Naomi Osaka and Michael B. Jordan

Ellen DeGeneres took a selfie with Naomi Osaka and sent it to actor Michael B. Jordan You know you're a star when Ellen DeGeneres is trying to hook you up with Black Panther actor Michael B. Jordan... That's what happened to Haitian-Japanese star Naomi Osaka on The Ellen Show. Watch the video... more »

TRUMP started to insult Haiti and the Haitian people since his Little Haiti campaign in 2016

Donald Trump in Little Diaspora Politics Did you know? US President Donald Trump started calling Haiti a shithole right after meeting the Haitian community in Little Haiti back in 2016, according to a new book just released. more »

Why do some old people look younger than their age while others look so old at a young age?

Lieutenant Galbeau Saint Preux and his Grandsons A friend of mind looks much younger then all his younger brothers. When I ask him why he looks so young with his old age, he replied: I've always had a younger mind than my other brothers. But could it be more than that? more »