Haitian Cave looks like The African Continent

There is a cave entrance in Haiti that looks just like the continent of Africa. Is this a clue?

Haiti Cave Entrance Looks like Continent Of Africa

Here is a picture of the Bassin Zim cave entrance near Hinche Haiti. I have been looking at it all this time and never realized that it looks like Africa!

Things that make you go HMMMM!!!

What do you think?

There is a strange story behind this picture...

I took this picture in broad day light as you can see looking outside the cave, this is the original photo, reduced but unedited except for the globe for comparison to the continent of Africa.

When I was standing inside the cave, it was not pitch black!

It's as if the entire inside of the cave disappeared to show me something!

Africa... and a BIG tree standing right smack in the middle of it?

What do I see? The land will always be there, even if the people disapear!

Look at all the other Bassin Zim Cave photos I took that same day and you will see that I mean.

Mysterious isn't it?

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Lilie says...

this is pretty crazy that God is always trying to tell people something or to "pass out" a message.

And it's crazy that i have read a poem in a story that basically said that we could create weapons and destroy each other, but all the animals and trees wont care that we're gone. The animals, the trees, and the will remain and move on.
Like people said "we humans, we born, we live, we die and leave the earth behind-meaning the land will always be there even when we're

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Garry Destin says...

1) Is Israel the center of the whole crisis?

2) Now as the world is trying to find a result where are they?

On the first Bush, Dick Cheney did the same. Because everyone was somewhat blind, he got away with it. On President Clinton the prime minister of Israel and the

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Woodring says...

I took the picture a few years ago and didn't realise it until yesterday.

Tell your family from Hinche that I said

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Jean Alix Jean-simon says...


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Garry Destin says...

I have never been there but once I get the chance to go to Haiti, I will sure visit all these wonderful

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