Haiti Environment : Metal Mining Would Be Disastrous for Haiti (VIDEO) - Read this...

Metal mining in Haiti will bring profits to the few and more misery for the masses, according to an Op-Ed from the New York Times. Given the unique vulnerabilities Haiti faces, mining could deal the country's environment and economy a blow from which it would never recover.

Metal Mining in Haiti - A woman's hand filled with gold deposits

According to article, the companies that profit from mining in poor countries like Haiti only care about the profits they make and not the path of natural disasters they leave behind.

"Even in developed countries, industrial-scale mining has contaminated water, increased security threats, forced thousands of people from their homes, and damaged ecosystems for generations. In poor countries like Haiti, the record is even worse.," the article says.

Read the full article: Metal Mining Would Be Disastrous for Haiti from the New York Times.

Watch this video: Mining in the Dominican Republic and the problems it is causing over there. When the Dominican experience challenges Haiti...

Take Haiti's environmentally damages state, add to it the government's lacks of resources and the will to defend the interests of ordinary citizens, add to that the lack of transparency surrounding the proposed new mining law... Can you spell PROBLEMS for the people of Haiti?

What do you think about that?

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Papijojo says...

L'industrie miniere en Haiti serait un crime ...D'abord elle fut responsable de l'extermination des Indiens ...Ensuite de l'importation des Noirs d'Afrique dans la colonie, Demain, ce serait un desastre ecologique sans précédent pour ce petit

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