Haiti Health Care - 3 Year Old Baby Dies in Port-au-Prince Hospital General due to lack of Care

PHOTO: Sick Baby Haiti Health Care and Medical Crisis -- A Haitian baby, 3 years old, has died in Hospital General in capital Port-au-Prince due to lack of care, a Haitian radio station in the capital has just reported... more »

FLASH: Haiti - 9-Month Pregnant Woman Dies in front of Hospital General in Port-au-Prince Due to Doctors Protest

Can you Believe this ****??? In Haiti, a 9-month pregnant woman rushes to General Hospital in Port-au-Prince Wednesday to give birth, instead, she DIED unable to give birth BECAUSE doctor are on strike... more »

Haiti Health - ZIKA Virus is spreading in rapidly in the country, Pregnant Women Beware

Aedes aegypti - Chikungunya spreading mosquito Haiti Health - The ZIKA Virus is spreading in rapidly in the country, It is so alarming that the ministry of public health has gone on radio to alert the population. more »

Haiti has the highest incidence of cervical cancer in the world

According to a recent article released by Newsweek Magazine, Haiti has the highest incidence of cervical cancer in the world. Cervical cancer, a painful disease killing women in Haiti, is a disease of poverty, the article says... more »

Haiti General Hospital Morgue will no Longer accept the Dead from outside the Hospital...

Now Hear this... The Ministry of public health (MSPP) in Haiti alerted the population that the morgue at Hospital General in downtown Port-au-Prince is ONLY for those who die INSIDE the Hospital walls... Starting 09 June 2015, if you die outside, your body must be taken elsewhere... more »

Haiti Medical FIRST - Conjoined twins separated at Mirebalais University Hospital

Haiti Medical - Conjoined Twin separated in Mirebalais University Hospital BIG News from Haiti in the Medical field... For the first time in the country, a surgery was performed to separate two conjoined twins at the Mirebalais University Hospital... The surgery was 100% successful... Both girls are doing fine... Go Haiti!!! more »

Haiti Health - My simple medical problem got complicated due to lack of medicine

Haiti Medical Alert Recently, I had a simple health problem in my hometown in Haiti that only required an over-the-counter medicine to take care of it. Unfortunately for me, my private stock ran out... I went to every darn pharmacy in town and none of them carried that type of medicine. So my condition got worse... I had to leave the country to get help... more »

Thomassique Haiti - ALL Hospital Solar Panels Stolen

Renewable Energy in Haiti - Green Energy We have just been informed that ALL the solar panel at the Thomassique Haiti Hospital were stolen earlier this week... According to a resident of Thomassique, 15 to 20 Solar panels were stolen, panels that the hospital uses to power up the critical equipments... more »

Haiti UN Cholera Case - NY Court Oral Argument scheduled for 23 October 2014

Will Haiti cholera victims have their day in court with the United Nations (UN)? There is some good news, maybe... A New York judge has granted oral argument in the case. The court date is set for 23 October in New York. more »

Haiti - Ebola : Haitians called upon to volunteer to fight Ebola

Haitian Ebola Scare Did you know? The United Nations' new Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER) is recruitting Haitians in Haiti for short missions in Africa infected with Ebola areas... We have been informed that Haitians are applying by the hundreds for this volunteer mission, not even focusing on the risk but the rewards being offered, to go to Ebola infected areas to help fight Ebola... more »