Me and my grammar!

The hardest part of what I do is trying not to make mistakes when I type. Because I usually type the content of my web site on a CMS (Content Management Software) in my websites’ administration section I am unable to do a spell check.

This is funny… considering that I have Microsoft word installed on my computer at home. You would expect me to use it first right? Think again!

This time, I decided to write what you are reading using Microsoft word and paste is on the CMS.

Surprise! Surprise!

I spotted 5 typos before I even got to this line.

So I will try from now on to use Word first then copy and paste.

I tend to write â€"not” instead of â€"now”, I also notice that I type â€"form” instead of â€"from”.

Sometimes I use voice a voice recognition software but… sa-a pi red anko!

I should have learned my lesson long ago… Besides I’ve had some embarrassing moment. once wrote something about Dumas Simeus. I got a reply from his personal secretary telling me that he really enjoyed the article except for one thing:

I misspelled his name! How embarrassing!

I guess the same reason I do not use Word to type is the same reason I have a desktop, a laptop, and a pocket PC and still manage to loose my friends’ phone numbers by only keeping them on my cell phone.

Am I the only person who is guilty if this sin? I don’t think so.

Yes… I know… I will make the effort to bring you a newsletter with less typo in the future.

It’s funny; I read what I think I wrote no matter how many times I read it over.

Do you have any tips that can help me? Bring it on!

PS… by the time I reached this line I already had 11 typos, I know because MS word had little green and red lines below them. I just bumped it to 14!

Jezi de nazaret!

A los... kom you toujou di le you jwe foutbol ayisien rate you gol li toujou gede bek soulye li kom si se fot soulye a... se pa ti gade-m gade pwent dwet mwen!

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Garry Destin says...

I have seen one more typo. Guilty of this sin. You wrote "If this sin"
Anyway great job and keep going my friend.

Note: I would like to introduce my business the the commutity if it is OK with you:

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