Marchand Dessalines Haiti Also Infected by the Cholera Outbreak

A news article released by the Miami Herald also includes Marchand Dessalines as one of the areas infected by the recent Cholera Outbreak in Haiti. Will it reach Gonaives?

Haiti Medical Alert

The Haitian city of Machand Dessalines is not directly along the Artibonite river but rather north of Pond Sonde, and only miles from Gonaives

Marchand Dessalines is less than 20 kilometers from Gonaives, the largest city in the Artibonite region.

What happens if and when the Cholera outbreak reaches Gonaives?

Will it continue to head north to Cap Haitien

I have one question:

If Cholera is only spread through contaminated water and food, how is it spreading so fast from Mirebalais all the way to Marchand Dessalines in just a few days?


Marchand Dessalines is nowhere near the Artibonite river.

Please, talk to me!

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Martine Civil says...

yes it is a viral bacteria! but my concern is.isn't a contaminated forge epedemic to our population?

look how it is spreading, the spread of this viral is to rapid (fast)my beleive is that the river has been tempting with some kind of chemicals to kill haitians people let us not sleep with this piece of news, let's raise our voices to a fine line where we can demand more research from the authority to find out where is this cholera from?

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Victor Manuel Guerrero says...

Sr. Woodring: La Escuela Tecnologica Superior Comunitria(ETESUC), auspiciada por la ONG UNICREDEC, ha formado muchos Tecnicos en Medicina Comunitaria(TMC), Bioanalistas y Enfermeras con la asesoria tecnica de la Organizacion Mundial de la Salud (OMS).

Los TMC han sido capacitados para diagnosticar y tratar las principles enfermedades entre ellas el Colera, saben que los principales medicamentos son: Antibioticos como Trimetoprim-Sulfametoxazole, Metronidazol, Eritromicina, Azytromicina, Gentamicina, etc., ademas de la Hidratacion parenteral, para reponer la perdida de liquidos y alimentar, yo se que ellos, pueden hacer un gran trabajo para salvar vidas.

Alla esta por ejemplo Denise Louis, Watson Petin Compere, para citar algunos de mis alumnos.

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Alister Wm Macintyre says...

3 days ago, there was no one dead, or reported sick in a crisis.

Within maybe 2 days (Oct 20 to now) masses of people descended on several hospitals, overwhelming them. We are now (Oct 21) at 135 people dead, 1500 sick (who have been able to get to hospital ...

some died on way to hospital).

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Alister Wm Macintyre says...

Earlier reports that the disease was along the river, may have been coincidental.

Do you know about the killer ants, which have been plaguing rural Haiti in recent months?

Is this disease near where they were?

If it comes from contaminated water, how come some victims get their water from purified sources?

Is something else responsible, or are there crooks in the water business, mislabeling water which really was not purified

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Harold Fleurine says...

I been confused I realy don't know what to believe, somes haiti Media said 135 reported died the government said 82died more then 300

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