Marc Bazin Is Dead

Former Haitian Prime Minister and presidential candidate Marc Bazin has died. The long time Haitian politician was 78 when he died following a long illness.

Marc Bazin

Marc Bazin died earlier this morning, his family told the Miami Herald.

Marc Louis Bazin was Haiti's Finance Ministar under Jean-Claude Duvalier.

Marc Bazin was also a former World Bank official and favorite candidate of the George H.W. Bush Administration and the borgeoisie in the 1990 Haiti presidential elections.

The Herald also reported that Marc Bazin "worried about the future of the country, rebuilding education, the neglect of the middle class, the 1.5 million living in tent cities and the opposition's ongoing push to remove Préval from office."

May he rest in peace

What do you know about Marc Bazin?

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The Patriot says...

Wether dead or not we must still speak the truth about an opportunist who sought to change his stripes after the regime he served was toppled.

We must take note of the perpetual candidate, the man who assisted a band of armed thugs rise to power for the sake of ascending to a politcal office.

Marc Bazin's legacy is that of a man who if he had not died would without doubt have been running for the November 28 presidential election.

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Hermione says...

Il n'est pas sage de parler ainsi! bien qui'il n'etait pas Hatian mais il etait un homme quand bien

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Boniface Zebo Correspt De says...

"HAITI-VIENT-DE-PERDRE-UN-DE-C'EST-GRAND-SERVITEUR-la mort de marc-bazin, est une perte pour haiti, mon pays, homme que je connaissais grace a un ami commun GERALD-MERCERON-grande figure politique du pays sur des sujets-socio-economiques, et,grand serviteur du F M I- au maroc;marc-bazin etait un fin strateges de la politiques international, et homme de grande cultures et reconnues de c'est pairs aussi bien en afrique et de part le monde, erudit,et patriote sa fin laisse un grand vide, et ami de gerald-merceron qui nous avait

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Jean Claude Duvalier says...

ahhhhhhhhhhh mesye.

se lam we kijan ayisyen ke di.nou kontan nan lanmo neg la jodi a demen se pa

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Senat says...

I met him in 1992 when he visited the school I attended back in Haiti.

He was really good at finance.

Unfortunately the political system of haiti has swallowed him.He made mistakes as everyone has, but most importantly is what was learned from the mistakes.

May he

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Amonel says...

Pou reponn avek moun sa-a, li pa saj pou pale konsa sou entenet kote tout moun ap we sa ou ekri-a. Se sa ki fe yo kapab jije ou, byen ke ou pa bay bon non ou men kanmenm lanati genyen pou li jije ou. Se sa selman mwen te vle di a moun sa-a. Mesi

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Ras Oscar King says...

mak bazin mouri konnie a ret preval ak kaplime langet manman yo toute doue
mouri grin pa grin ban vole sa yo.
langet manman

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Haitian Power says...

Se youn ladan'l mwen ta renmen we yo fe menm wout ak ansyan premye minis la paske yo pyes poko mouri, pou Ayiti ta gen yon chans pou l ka

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