Major Landslide in Haiti - Route Nationale No. 3 - Peligre

Over the weekend, tons of mountain dirt fell onto Route Nationale No. 3 near the Peligre hydroelectric dam in plateau centrale Haiti.

Landslide in Haiti - Route Nationale 3 - Peligre

There was heavy rain in the area the night before... I was on my way to Port-au-Prince Friday when I suddenly started seeing big rocks in the middle of the road.

Within minutes, I came to a dead stop... Piles of dirt eroded on to the pavement of Route Nationale No.3 just after the Peligre dam

See more photos: Landslide, Peligre Haiti

We had to wait for CNE to move the dirt and make room so cars could get by.

I love the road from Hinche to Port-au-Prince and I hope they come up with a plan to prevent erosion of the mountain sides with no trees

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