KONBIT to rebuild Haiti, You're Invited!

When Haitians get together to accomplish a single task, it is called a KONBIT... You want to know something funny about the KONBIT? Read this...

Konbit : Haitian Farmers working together planting crops in Plateau Central Haiti
Konbit : Haitian Farmers working together planting crops in Plateau Central Haiti

Haitians from the countryside (payisans) who do not have money to exchange for services are usually the ones who practice KONBIT.

They gather in a single lot of land, the KONBIT, they work the land as a unit to plant the crops (planté), remove grass from the field (sekle), or for the harvest (rekòlte).

They work together to do one day what a single person couldn't accomplish in a month.

Once these people leave the country side and move to the suburbs, the idea of KONBIT stops, it's all about MONEY... Now you hear: "chak koukou klere pou je-w" (every man for himself)

I wonder when the KONBIT to rebuild Haiti will begin...

Tell you what... What don't we make the call?

KONBIT to rebuild Haiti, You're Invited!

What do you think about that?

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Erick Jerome says...

I've always heard my mother talk about konbit and you're right.

It is that time, especially for the expatriate who have outside of the country for so many years.

Many of them I spoke with, are afraid of moun fe yo mal lan afe vodu, kidnape yo, choy mal fec te,.

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Cartel says...

Anyone who is interested I'm interested it's time for us to rebuild our own country instead of leaving it to foreigners contact me through

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Patrick Princivil says...

Si yap akizé menm prézidan nan blanchiman lajan.

Sé pou tout péyizan fout planté mayigwana épi exporté yo o Zéta zini ak Canada pou yo lévé a tè a tankou tout moun kap fè blanchiman yo. Mwen pa di pou yo vann ni bay moun pou fimen, kòm grand puisans yo rélél médikal mayigwana.

Planté yo épi van ni bayo; nou paka ap trennen dènyé kamyonèt la konsa.

Oswa nou pran Jézi kòm sovè pèsonèl nou pou répo nanm

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Ghislaine Decayette says...

Well that's how it used to be. When I say "used" I mean before the romans used currency to charge humans money for everything and instill taxes.

God created us to help one another with what we have. We've managed to turn everything into this dyer, drastic, desperate situation where we are killing each other for money.

Everything should be a "KOBIT" in the world not only Haiti.

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Allen says...

I am in. I would love to see a lot of the road in Haiti

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Kelvin Scoon says...

Sorry I can't be there to help, but it is a great way for communities to bond and build and I believe an African tradition.

We had it Trinidad in our rural areas where it is called 'len'han' for Lend a Hand. People built houses for each other by 'len'han'.

It is still occasionally practiced and recently there was a story in local news papers of a village coming together to repair a

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Guy Claude Fleury says...

Put me down
I am

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