Kita Nago - A New Symbol for Unity in Haiti

WHAT IS KITA NAGO? Every Haitian around the world is asking...

Kita Nago

There is a big half-ton piece of wood in Haiti called KITA NAGO that is being carried 700 kilometers across Haiti by hand, on foot, by Haitian men and women, from Les Irois (the western most tip of Haiti's southern peninsula) all the way to Ouanaminthe (the North-eastern most tip of Haiti) to encourage UNITY...

I am talking about a ONE thousand pound piece of wood with a Haitian Flag, that is what Kita Nato is.. but it is more than just a piece of wood... it is a... symbol... a new idea for Haitian Unity... Haitians from all walks of life who don't know each other, getting together to carry a heavy load across the land.

Wow... This is amazing...

Kita Nago has been making it's way from across Haiti since January 1st 2013, and for the past 14 days, on foot, Haitian men and woman has carried this load from the southern peninsula, through Jeremie, on foot to Les Cayes, Aquin, Miragoane, Grand-Goave, Petit-Goave, Leogane, into Port-au-Prince.

I read on Twitter that Kita Nago will rest along side Neg Mawon in Port-au-Prince for 24 hours before continuing it's journey to Ouanaminthe.

I've been so busy telling you about the idea, I didn't even tell you who's behind it. His name is Harry Nicolas. You can read more about it at

The day Kita Nato reaches it's destination in Ouanaminthe each Haitian is to plant a tree.

Once in the blue moon, an individual emerges with an idea that bigger than life. This is one of them. and I really hope it fulfills it intended purpose.

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Mr Marcus Noel This is so amazing to see all Haitain peopple gather around the country carrying the Unity of pride. Haitian people love their country even myself was carried the KITA NAGO. I love my country
Reply · February 03 at 4:15 PM
Mr Marcus Noel This is so amazing to see all Haitian peopple gather around the country carrying the Unity of pride. Haitian people love their country even myself was carried the KITA NAGO. I love my country
Reply · February 03 at 4:15 PM
David Riche Harry Nicolas, Je vous felicite pour cette idea. pour moi vous etes un Toussaint Louverture un autre Jean-Jacques Dessalines et je souhaite que vous inspirez a d'autres Haitiens de suivre votre example, que ce soit en Haiti ou un Diaspora en exil... see more
Reply · January 31 at 1:24 AM
Jonas Laurince This is a good initiative, and we can see if we, haitians, want to change our bad situation, we can... Chapo ba pou Met Fey Vet Bravo Kita Nago
Reply · January 20 at 4:11 PM
Francia Cordia I would like to say thank you to Mr. Nicholas for initiating this project. This project shows that nothing is impossible and whatever we "Haitian" our minds into it can be done. Mr. Nicholas has shown to the world and to the Haitian people... see more
Reply · January 17 at 12:09 PM
Andy Pierre initiative sa a se yon tres bonne idee moun ki vin ak ide sa a merite yon gro kout ayibobo,ann tout ayisyen met men ansanm poun devlope peyi a,pa ret tann gouvernment pa tann o.n.g,ann fe jan moun sa a vin avek ide sa a nou bezwen bel ide toujou.
Reply · January 16 at 11:51 AM
Frantz Victor mwen renmen sa kap fet la sa fem sonje bwa caiman pounn te ka pran libete nou
Reply · January 16 at 10:30 AM
Frantz Cineus Cet evenement qui rassemble des milliers de compatriotes haitiens rend effective notre devise:"L'union fait la force".Avec l'union,la determination,Haiti peut aller vers l'avant.
Reply · January 15 at 7:27 PM
D Se sa ki men anpil chay pa Lou. In only 14 days, Haitians from les Irois to PAP made it possible to make this half ton piece of "acajou". Si nous vle peyi a vanse nous ka Fel vit et bien. This is a great symbolism on how this population can... see more
Reply · January 14 at 11:34 PM

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