Kenscoff Mayor Blocks Foreign Media from Filming Inside Marketplace

A couple of celebrity chefs went to Kenscoff Haiti to tour a farmers market accompanied by journalists, the mayor of Kenscoff said no, they cannot come in.

Daily Haitian food shopping list - Groceries from the local marketplace

The Associated Press reports...

"The mayor said the photographers couldn't enter the market because they might take photos that would be unflattering for the town. People at the market shut the metal gate at the entrance, and one man waved his hand for Associated Press journalists to stop filming..."

I guess some people in Haiti are beginning to decide what part of Haiti they want for world to see...

What do you think about that? Do you agree or disagree with the mayor's decision?

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Paula says...

I AM PROUND TO BE HAITIAN LEAVING IN CT, USA. it is about time for the officials in Haiti to decide what part of their country they want the world to see. The media never televise the good part of Haiti.

The usually televise CITE SOLEIL OR

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Wilky says...

I'm so happy they didn't let them take any pictures.

they are only showing bad part of Haiti.

it's time for them to take only nice pictures now to show that we have nice beaches like them

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Pat Jeudy says...

If Haiti wants tourism, what the mayor did is a no no. Haiti is a open book, cause when things go wrong, we open our arms and beg for rescue.

We are training Haitians to feed garbage to one another, just don't let them see it. Mikrob pa tuye Ayisien.

The Mayor should be a

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Damebochie says...

Alleluia! Thank God for the mayor of Kenscoff.

Finally, someone with a brain in Haiti.

The AP can call whatever they want, but the fact is when they film those negative images, it doesn't help Haiti at all. Worst, those journalists have personal cameras to take pictures of beautiful part of the country for their personal record.

These pictures will never be exposed in the media however.

Good for the

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Tonton Michel says...

I agree they are taking control of the image they want the world to see and not allow the white media do it for them at their

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Sipn says...

Something to hide is the hygienic risks oftenly caused deadly bacteria by negligence of those who supposed to lead the sanitation for their

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Jhessica says...

Yes I agree they only show the wrong side of Haiti its time to us to sell a different image of this wonderful country.

Everywhere in the world has misery, unsanitary why they hide it in small countries.

They show u only the good side of theirs like they are living on paradise.

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Marie-pierre says...


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Vinny says...

Yes I 100% agree with the mayor because the international media never show anything good about Haiti.

Kudos for the mayor and the people who works

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Marie Ange Salomon says...

That is a great move because we need to show the positive aspects in Haiti.

Every countries have some negative but its not too much publicity about

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