Is this the Right time to Retire in Haiti?

"Can anyone tells me if it is the right time to retire in Haiti, " Yves asks, "I'd like to return home!"

Haiti KPP = Katye Pam Poze

Like most Haitians living overseas who spent many too years working hard, Yves wants to return to Haiti, but his primary concerns seems to be: Insecurity in Haiti

Is Insecurity in Haiti keeping Haitian retirees oversees? Is it something else?

In a message posted on a blog for Haitian President Michel Martelly, Yves showed concern about his safety should he retire in Haiti.

"I understand that the national police is doing their best," Yves says, "because they are ill equipped and have limited personnel. UN is running Haiti for a long time, I just don't understand their mission..."

So... Is this the Right time to Retire in Haiti?

This is by no means professional advice but I do know a retiree, my father-in-law, who has been living in Fort-Liberte, Haiti, since 2005 or so. I've heard absolutely no complaints from him. He flies to Miami every 4 to 6 months for a medical check up, then he flies back to Fort-Liberte where his monthly retirement check is more than enough to take care of him.

Had he stayed in Florida to retire there, he would probably be pushing shopping carts at WinnDixie for extra income...

I don't know if you agree with me or not but, at the retirement age, that kind of stress can kill a man!

Is this the Right time to Retire in Haiti?

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Jude says...

I have a moderate 2 story house in Henche but my last visit to Haiti is about 30 years ago. I have reliable caretakers of my house.

I want to return to retire but is selling the house as I want to live on the outer areas of Henche.

Also, my wife is not from Haiti and we are both retired on very little soc.sec. Benefits.

What's your

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Jeremien says...

I'm planning to move to Haiti within the next 3 to 4 years.

I see a lot of people's concern for not wanting to move back to Haiti are security reason, the truth is you can get kill anywhere in the world.

Yes the US is safe but don't forget people get murdered everyday in the US, school teacher, little kids get killed for no apparent reason.

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Talou says...

Yes i would like to go back to Haiti after 44 years but my kids really are very mad with me. because of the security problems.

I am so tired of USA and Canada.

Please talk to the president may be he will do something for us.


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Patrick Princivil says...

Oh oh

I gave you the rules already, don't try to live in Port-au-prince including Delmas 2, Cité soleil, Bèlais, Lassaline etc.

Don't even try to live in the big city like au Cayes, Jacmel and everywhere in Haïti; but if you live somewhere with a small village closer to farmers, make sure you have a minimum two good cars to do your shopping etc. your powerful generator, solar panel, inverter, if you have a peace of land to farm your carrots, beats, cucumbers, oranges, potatoes etc. retire or not you will be ready to live

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Paul says...

I live in New-York, and I am considering moving back to Haiti in a near future.

My main concern is insecurity in Haiti, especially in and around Port-au-Prince, on top of the lack of electricity and potable water etc...

My advice to someone who is considering to move back to Haiti?

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Wilgens says...

Non yo touye kouzin-m paske l'al jije pitit

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