Iron ALL your clothes... My Haitian Parents Insist...

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Do you iron ALL your clothes? My Father insists --- My father, I call him "Comandant", is a retired Haitian army lieutenant. He expects me to iron all my clothes before I put them on... YES... even if I intend to stay home, he says...

"Gen seri de moun, lè yon vini kote-w, se kole chemiz ou yo gade avan wi!" My father says...

Translation: Some people, when they come to your house, the first thing they look at is the neck of your shirt.

If you only speak English, you cannot even picture how my father says it... OK? Because Haitians have a way they say things to you... LOL...

Haitians in general, they have a HUGE fear of criticism... So they prepare themselves always, in case a stranger comes knocking at the door... Except... "A stranger" never comes... LOL... You understand?

Si-m ta mete yon rad ki SHIFONNEN, manman-m pap soti avè-m (If I put on wrinkled clothing, my mother will not go out with me)

If you're Haitian, I'm sure you know that "ESCAMP" means... It's that crease on your pants, or on your shirt... Haitian parents want to see that on ever shirt you wear, you know what I mean? LOL...

You mean to tell me I have to iron my khaki cargo pants AND the Polo shirt just so I can sit at home? Yeah right!

What do you think about that?

Do you iron all your clothes?

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