VIDEO: I am Haitian, This Is Haiti - Very Inspiring Video, Watch it Now...

Watch the most inspiring Haiti video with simple message: "I am Haitian, This is Haiti," You will love it...

"Mwen se ayisyien, Sa se Ayiti... Je suis Haitien, ca c'est Haiti... I am Haitian... This is Haiti..."

The launch campaign to change the image of Haiti has started... This is only the beginning of a mobilization campaign to change, once and for all, the image of our Haiti Cherie!

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Sergo Jean says...

I do believe we need to do more and produce more to help others.

Se sa peyi Ayiti bezwen pou pemet pitit li yo viv an sante e gen bon memwa pou

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L Udovic Antoine says...

That was verry interesting to wach. I found in this video the real concept to be Haitian and proud to be part of this heroic nation.

We need to bring to the entire world the existing image of Haiti, the attribution of beeing poor attached to our nation most be erassed from the news archive, the overseas media has to make some deep research before they even bring to the attention of certain people the blassphemee they always put on our own land.Our determination, to end all those false informations they are trying to make news of, in a certain way to evoid the immigration in Haiti and stop us from evolution that our ancesters have brougth by introducing the civilization on our native land which is Africa.

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Pmd says...

Haiti, Haiti, Haiti!!!
I needed this amazing video, it takes my mind away from the stress while living here in the

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Rose says...

I want to go back home when watching this short clip. If i did not have to make a living, i would not WANT To say here in United State of Bull

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Mimi Joseph says...

Unable to view video it is blank is there any way to resend it again.

I would .Ike to see it thank

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Jean Jacques Dessalines says...

kotem ye a se tout zantray mwen kap dechire poum we, apre tout batay mwen batay poum te kap kite nou lib, men malerezman pa gen menm yonn pami nou ki kap komprann travay mwen te fe a. toutan nou pa kap uni nou, lot peyi yo pap janm sispann pase nou amba pye, sispan we entere poch, entere personel, vye politik sal, ti sousou ameriken, men plito ann we peyi a dabo, nan amerik la haiti rete kom pli bel destinasyon touristik, ak anpil lye istorik, bel plaj, menm li pa gen moun kap panse pou li, sino moun kap cherche ranpli poch, esklav ameriken, ann eksplote richech nou plito.

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Cj says...

I love, love this video.

This is the state of mind all Haitians need to wake up with each day. I resides in Europe but I repeat these phases each time I meet someone I'm from Haiti and I am Haitian.

Be proud!!! Haiti is our pride don't let anuone take that away from us with negative comments.

God bless Haiti

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Tonton Michel says...

Fantastic, makes me want to shout it loud and proud.

N.eed more videos like this to build up morale, great

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Mm says...

Very inspiring...We could have a real life there...Together we can do something special for all of those who love this beautiful country...our land...Thank you

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