History of Haiti - Who were the first haitians?

How well do you know Haitian history?

If you grew up in Haiti like me, then you memorized it chapter by chapter only to recite it in front of your teacher.

If you were born here in America, or you came here when you were really young, then you don't know Jack!

Here's a brief...

  • Who were the first Haitians?
  • Where did they come from?
  • What kind of civilization existed at the time Columbus anchored his boat on the north coast of Haiti?

The island of Haiti... witnessed a flourishing civilization before 1492... The Tainos who inhabited the island... lived throughout most of the Caribbean.... They called that island Haiti... Haiti in Taino means high ground, mountainous land...

Tainos... means "men of the good". Most agree that the Tainos who lived in Haiti or Bohio and the Boriquenos of Puerto Rico had a more advanced civilization...

Tainos were well groomed. They liked to bathe often... Tainos had... Gods called Zemis. The two supreme Taino deities were Yucahu... the lord of... the sea... and Atabey... the goddess of fresh water and human fertility.

Columbus renamed the island Hispaniola...

When the Spaniards conquered the island of Haiti... Tainos... were reduced to zero due to genocide...

Beautiful isn't it?

Before today you probably didn't think that you had something in common with the Puerto Ricans!

You can read about this and a whole lot more in the History Section of "Discover Haiti" (DiscoverHaiti.com)

other great sources:

The Taino Indians and the Jose Maria Cave

If you want to fall in love with your beloved country, then I strongly suggest you try your best to understand her past.

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