Haitians, Time to Move on

A chief is a man who assumes responsibility. He says, "I was beaten." He does not say, "My men were beaten." Thus speaks a real man.

- Antoine De Saint-Exupery -

The country has a new Prime Minister and he needs to form a coalition government.

Ladies and gentlemen: we need to move forward and turn once for all this sorrow
page of our history.

My friends, yesterday is history
no matter what had happened, it was beautiful, it was awful, it was painful this should be behind your back.

You shall never forget history, because it might repeat itself.

The questions we should all ask ourselves:

  • What can we do today to improve our lives?
  • What can we do today to assist our community and
  • What you can do today to prevent another reoccurrence?

We are living the reality of today and there is a
reason for everything. 200 years and counting, the
state of Haiti will survive. The coalition of sages
has member of the former regime and we expect member
of the former regime to be part of the new coalition government.

I wish it could have been different but we are living
the reality of today and we should use this
opportunity to put some structure in place. Now it is
time to move on, again you have a choice to make: you
can fight it all the way and you will be within your
right or you can give it a chance which will not cost
you anything

But before you make that choice,

  • Do you embrace an idea or a person?
  • Do you have allegiance to a party or a person?
  • Do you support a cause or a person?

Again keep your emotion and passion at bay and
deal with this current situation.

Haiti deserves a Chance.
Let's move on!

I call 2004 the Year of Engagement and Compassion. You
need to engage and help change the face of our
beautiful country. Today, I call for the creation of a
Link which indeed one of the AIMS of the Atlanta
Convention on June 25-26 in Atlanta

The mistrust that may exist among us is fictional and
it is due mainly to a lack of interaction. If we open
the door of communication and start talking to each
other, we will bring down that barrier. Most of us are
working independently, sometimes on the same project,
and our resources are extremely limited. We end-up
working more and spending more energy for a minimal
result. The wheel has already been invented. There is
no reason to reinvent it or create another one.

In linking together and not creating something new, we
will show that we can work together while respecting
each other's territory. This is very important.

Establishing a link in which people feel very secure
is a win-win approach for all of us. One needs to use diplomacy, and should have good understanding skills to maintain a bridge that can keep the link afloat.

Now, imagine we link ourselves together and create a
greater Haiti. Your simple, local project can become a
national one overnight

Everything you see in this world comes from an idea,
but it takes dedicated and committed people to make it

Today, over 30 millions people travel from Douvres or
Cheriton (London) to Calais or Coquelles (France)
under water in less than 20 minutes, that idea was
originated during Napoleon's era (1802), and at that
time, we did not have that technology. But the Euro
tunnel is more than a technological exploit.

A long time ago, La Manche represented a barrier that
protected London against any invasion but at the same
time it kept London in complete isolation.

Today, the Euro tunnel joints London to France and
from France to Germany, to Belgium, to Holland and
to the European continent.

It is a symbol of a United Europe.

Again each of you has a major talent in which you can
do better than anyone else. Some of you are good in
public relations, in management, in education, in
motivation and coordination.

We together have the necessary skills to
make thing happen in the greater Haiti.

Why Georgia and not Florida, Miami, or New York where
we have a heavy Haitian presence?

There must be a starting point and I live in Georgia,
it is natural and also Atlanta is located 3 hours from Savannah,
where our ancestors fought for the freedom of this
great country.

Who can forget the Siege of Savannah
on October 9, 1779? If our ancestors did not
intervene, the outcome of the war could have been
different. Georgia has a historical connection with
Haiti and we need to use it in a positive way. We are
forever friends with the Americans.

After New York and Miami, Atlanta is expected to
become the next Destination to Haitian Nationals.
Metro Atlanta is a nice place to live, the
relationship between black and white is cool, the
ethnic composition is appealing and Haitians are well
seen in metro Atlanta and there are no stereotype and
we want to keep it that way.

Pretty soon, the Haitian Historical Society is going
to inaugurate the Haitian monument in Savannah, on
October 9, 2004. Who could have imagined this 20 years
ago? Thanks to the hard work of Mr. Daniel Fils-Aime,
Sr., the founder of the Haitian American Historical
Society, the groundbreaking ceremony took place on
December 7 last year and the inauguration is set for
October 9. http:// www.haitianhistory.org

Today we see the emergence of various Haitian
organizations. All of them are doing a great job
individually but imagine if there is a coalition or
link among most of them.

Alone, you can go this far; together not "one gether"
the sky is your limit.

2004 is a decisive year in which we must do tangible
thing to jumpstart the country. There will be
challenge but you shall not let anything deter you
from moving forward.

Again, make plan to come to Atlanta on June 25-26 and
discover the Olympic city, which is located three
hours from Savannah where our ancestors fought and
died side by side with the coalition Franco-American
to liberate this great country.

Joseph Alfred
Haitian Community Relations, Inc

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Topic says...

To me, I think that every Haitians needs to put their head together and be like sisters and brothers.

Instead of being like cats and dogs.Didn't they see themsevles on television.

They make other haitians look bad.I felt embrassed, because you know I worked with patient in the hospital and one of my patient had the televion on and he said to me,"looked at your people their crazy, their killing one and each other, and their breaking beautiful poetry in the island.

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Topic says...

i will pray for all of you. and i hope that haiti become a better country with better

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