Haitians in Nashville Tennessee, 6th Grade Student in canada, Gratis Ti Cheri

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Message from a Six Grade Student in Canada
who subscribes to the Haitian Internet Newsletter

Message ID # 975


I am a grade six student in Vernon christian school, Canada, B.C. My teacher went to Haiti on a missions trip to deliver medical supplies to a few clinics and a hospital.

She adopted two Haitian children from different families, a long time ago.

She has this connection with Haiti.

This month we were doing a unit in school on Haiti.

The class is definetly amazed at the conditions in Haiti.

We are supporting this group in Haiti that is helping them, called "Clean Water for Haiti" we are doing a lunch in our gym of beans and rice at three dollars for the meal to raise money for them.

thank you for your different articles, they are very touching.

Kayla clarke-brown

My answer,

Kayla, you have no idea how happy I am to know that you are reading what I write.

You've just though me that I have to be very careful what I say and what I write. I honestly didn't know that I had such a young audience!

I am proud of you for thinking about your homeland.

You are a sign of hope for Haiti.

Thank you, Kayla, you made my day!

And please your teacher for me, I can tell that she is doing a great job.

Woodring Saint Preux

More Good News!
Woodring Live in Nashville, Tennessee!

There are Haitians Living in Nashville Tennessee,
There is a Haitian Radio Program in Nashville Tennessee

I heard Nashville was able to watch the carnival live on Sakapfet.com

Haitian Webmasters...
We are doing it!
We are connecting the Haitian Communities!
WOW! This is Great!

Woodring Saint Preux will be on the air
In Nashville Tennessee!
This Saturday, February 19th, 2005

If you live in Nashville,
Listen to WSFK 88.1 FM
this Saturday 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

I will be interviewed by the host,
Mr. Casimir Sejour

for more information, follow this thread on haiti forum

I just created a community forum for the haitian residents in Nashville

If you live in Nashville, let me hear you!

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Topic says...

koman nou ye nou la mwen ta renmen pou haiti change.

anpil paske peyi dhaiti se yon bon ti peyi liye.

mwen ta renmen pou tou haitien vive an pe paske si nou pa vive an pe nou pap chen m mete tet

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Topic says...

Par chance, j'ai visite ce site aujourd'hui.je me permets seulement de vous feliciter pour votre article intitule " i am proud to be haitian " continuez cher frere.Encore, congratulations

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Topic says...

I just wanted to say that my brother Allen has been living in TN for some time now, over 10 yrs. He is the head soccer coach for Carson Newman College.

He lives in Morristown, TN. Is the Haitian program broadcast throughout TN or just Nashville?

He would love to hear some kréol once in a while in his neck of the hood.

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Topic says...



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