Haitian Student Cheating on Exam, Classmate Posts her Photo on Facebook

Haitian Social Network Update - A Haitian student's photo lands on facebook while she is cheating on her exam...

Haitian Student Cheating on an Exam

With her cheat notes nicely tied to her legs, she is is cheating away on her exam not realizing that the student next to her just took a picture, probably with a camera phone...

I certainly hope the people correcting the exam are not on facebook... LOL...

Nowadays, you have to be very carful what you do. without knowing you could end up a laughing stock on the social networks.

Haitian students beware, The next time you are cheating in your exam, you could end up on Facebook...

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Andy says...

li le pou nou sispann cheating le nap konpoze mezanmi, nou pral peye sa pi

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Lulu says...

Genle li pat vle bal ti

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Paul says...

This is a very creative student.

She planned her cheating well ahead of time. I think she could teach me a few

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Luna Fleur says...

It is not about what we do nowadays is not a laughing matter because these children are our future.

We have a big cheating case here in the Atl where teachers are facing losing their freedom or their license when they are found guilty.

We need to pray for

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Roro says...

Moun ki pran foto a pou yo te mete deyo nan sal examen

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Subject: Haitian Student Cheating on Exam, Classmate Posts her Photo on Facebook edit

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