Haitian S.O.S.

S.O.S - We need your help!

As you are well aware, there was a flood in Haiti that killed many Haitians and left thousands without food and running water

Many of them lost everything they had

Many houses were destroyed.

From now on we help each other, period.

When you go to sleep at night knowing you helped someone today it is the greatest satisfaction in the world and you cannot put a price tag on ie

You want to know what it feels like?

Just try giving just because you want to give.

I live Miami, I know that right now and there are containers in RADIO CARNIVALE waiting for your donations

Haitian Radio Station In Miami Fl - Am 1020
tel: (305) 751-5311

Where ever you live, call the leaders of your community and find out where you can submit your donations

If there is no leader in your Haitian community now is the time for you to assume the leadership role

Haiti needs all her children... All her Grand Children

and please tell everyone...

If we want to reclaim the Haitian Pride
The strong Haitians must help the weak


Woodring Saint Preux

Fouye Networks

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Ibis Delatour says...

Hi, I am Peter Delatour's wife and saw this SOS and thought it was interesting.

Let me know if I can help. ibis.

lezcano at

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Topic says...

Praise God for your message! haitiforchrist team will take some supplies there on behalf of the Haitian community in Pembroke Pines.

We wondered if we could also send some perishable goods as well.


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Topic says...


You just achieved the most dificult part of the project.

The birth of the idea is the most dificult part.

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Topic says...

Hi Woodring,
Thank you for elevating this well needed help to the Haitian communities living in the USA. My Family did send money and clothing for them.
Keep up the good

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Topic says...


My name is Rose Lorquet Pryer, I live in Jacksonville, North Carolina, I spent 10 years in the Marine Corps, and I noticed that there is a pretty big population of Haitians here wo are either in the Navy or Marines.

I have been thinking of starting some type of organization which will bring the Haitians in the area together, I mostly would like to help my people in whatever way i am able. I presently work for the civil service and have a lot of connections in getting me started.

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Topic says...

Hi there,

My Church in Toronto looking for a church name in Haiti to send few staff for what happen there.

Could you please send me a name and adress of a Seven Days Adventist Church in Haiti?

Thank you in advance for your time.

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Topic says...

Dear Mr. Saint Preux

My name is Walky JeanPierre and I also reside in Miami.

I am currently volunteering at HACVEC 8370 NE 2nd Ave. What I do there is assist Jacques Despinosse, executive director and vice mayor of North Miami.

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Topic says...

My church is already have someone down there under the organization Food for the Poor, as a matter of fact, last night an emergency collection was made within the church congregation and on it's way to Haiti.

Eveline Saillant
Yvonne Hall-Jones, Esquire
Pines Palm Office Park
10021 Pines Blvd, Ste 209
Pembroke Pines, Florida

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Topic says...

Dear friend,
it`s been a long time i was reaching you, Sunday we went to jimani with a group of dominican doctors and haitians, i will send you soon some pictures we took there, i would like you to take in touch with the president of our haitian community here in dominican republic, his name is Peter Delatour and his celphone is 809 785 4265, he is an haitian guy who was living in usa and how he is a business man here, but he saw the haitians problems here and wants to help. you can reach me also at my celphone 809 458 3501 because i understand that now as haitians we have to work together.

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Topic says...

Hi, Another place to contact would the Batey Relief Alliance, an NGO which is very active in the Haitian-Dominican community.

I've worked with them in the past and they are really concerned about the cause and not using the NGO as a front.

Just a

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