Haitian Site Calculates Distance between Haiti towns!

Woodring Here from "The Haitian Internet"

Yap Pale, Nap Travay!
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RE: New Site >> www.HaitiGeo.com (Haiti Geography)

Have you ever wondered how far
a town in haiti is to the next town?

Do you know the name of all the towns
where you or your parents are from?

Have you ever wondered
what town is north, south, east, or west of
your home town in haiti.

No more wondering...



Browse through Haiti town by town
with just a mouse click!

Get the distance in Miles, Kilometers, and Nautical miles
Find out the names of all the towns in Haiti

www.HaitiGeo.com is the most amazing web tool ever
for anyone who is curious about the geography of haiti

Take a look for yourself,

Buenas Noche!

Woodring Saint Preux
your humble servant!

PS... This is just the begining!

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