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:. Famous Quote about Humility

"If you are right, take the humble side -- you will help the other fellow. If you are wrong, take the humble side -- and you will help yourself."
- Source Unknown -

:. Kidnapping in Haiti

by maxcine roberts desauguste says:

I am a full born Bahamian. My husband is a full born Haitian. We have been married for seven years.

I really do love Haiti but it scared me the last time to see what's happening in Haiti right now. On the sixteen of August of this year, my husband and my two kids, ages four and ten, went to visit his family.

We were leaving to come back home. To my surprise at the airport this man pulls out a gun on my husband, just because my husband told my four year old son to come thru the metal detector.

He held our son by the hand and in no time there was this gun pulled on my husband not to mention in the front of my kids.

That was terrible. I have applied for citizenship for my husband. At first he never wanted to give up his, but because of that ordeal he is giving up his passport.

I would like to get a response please.

Thank you. (Click here to reply)

:. Sponsored Events @ Belfet.com

Saturday, September 30th, 2006
Player 1/2 Movie Premiere
North Miami Beach Performing Arts Theatre
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North Miami Beach, Florida

Saturday, October 7th, 2006
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:. The Hottest Haitian Political Topic

I just finished making an update on www.PrevalHaiti.com and to my surprise the hottest topic on on the board is:

Drum roll please.....

The New Haitian Army

Here is a an excerpt from the full article by Yvin E. Fanfan

Many of us, so far, have not learned the realities of a viable state.

A strong nation must have a prestigious army connected with the motherland sectors.

Aristide eliminated the nation army as he decided to arm the cynical chimeres to root in his reign, notwithstanding the future of the country’s standing in the world and those who served in the forces.

His action created an unprecedented instability with the eventual decline.

Today, Haiti is generating a world military presence in the place of the indigenous revolutionaries of which the Haitian State was created.

Today’s fall of Haiti reminds the contraindication in politics when we, as the people, by the people, instill a wrong choice.

We all understand that the army, among developmental factors, is the coherent force that maintains order and respect for the nation.

It’s role in maintaining levels of security:

Read it in full / reply here

:.Enough Politics for one day!

Have you been to www.Belfim.com lately?

Belfim has become one of the top five destinations on the Haitian Internet. we are averaging over 1 million hits per month!

All the Haitian actors I speak to tell me that they visit Belfim every day. So, if you have a comment for a Haitian actor be sure to head over to belfim and post it.

:. What about Haitian music

We are working on a site to help promote Haitian music.


Just like Belfim.com you can leave messages for the bands and Haitian musicians. there is a forum where you can talk about Haitian music, CDs, Lyrics, etc...

If you are a member of the Haitian music industry we have absolutely no problem if you want to let the public know about your projects as long as you do it in a news article fashion and not as a blatant advertising.

So, this weekend I invite all of you to visit www.BelMizik.com and post a comment about your favorite Haitian musician.

:.Before I Leave!

In the next few days I will send you an article I wrote about my labor day weekend titled "Weekend A L'Haitienne". I promise it will be an interesting reading.

Au revoir!

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