Haitian Hero on CBS TV Series Hero

Have you been watching Hero on CBS?

Did you know that there is Haitian Actor in the Cast?

Yeap... his name is . Here recent comment from a fan posted on to :

Cheekz says: Haitian Hero on Heroes

Yo I was reading the credits for my new favorite show, Heroes, and I was shocked to see that one of the key figures is actually Haitian.

I was just complaining a few weeks ago about how this great show doesn't have any black people.

Now I discover that they actually wrote in a Haitian figure, and I'm so excited.

Posted as a reply to: in reference to on 10/24/06 9:24 PM

If you want to comment about Jimmy Jean Louis in HERO
here is the link to go to:

is the #1 Place online to talk about Haitian movie and Haitians movies.

Since we are talking about Haitian movies, let me give you some updates:

1) is Coming to DVD

This is a New Haitian movie from the Philadelphia Diaspora

2) - Coming to theaters

We are waiting for more info about this movie but so far the cast looks interesting and the movie is from the New Jersey Diaspora.

Official Website:

For more Haitian movies coming soon both on DVD and in theaters visit:

Belfim also has fan clubs for all the Haitian actors and personal forums where you can discuss your favorite actor or movie

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Isaac says...


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Nahomie says...

o my gosh i cant believe it u playing on heroes i never watch the show before but on for the first time i watch it that show now i love u u u are o my gosh you so hot

did i mention that you so hot and fine sexy and hot i love you i was so happy to seen a haitian man in the show it was amazing im so proud of you thank

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Mike says...

I just love the show and the fact that they have a haitian actor in it is just great i feel inspired to do somthing great i dont know what but there is hope for me to do somthing like that and othere's like my self

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