Haitian Gang Leader Amaral Duclona on Trial in France, Jean Bertrand Aristide's Name Came Up In The Trial

FLASH... Trial begins in France for Haitian gang leader Amaral Duclona, aka Berthone Jolicoeur, accused of kidnapping, confinement and death of a Franco-Haitian entrepreneur, Claude Bernard Lauture... Former Haiti President Jean Bertrand Aristide's name surfaced in on day two of the trial...

Amaral Duclona's Trial started in France Monday 19 May 2014...

Now... you may be asking what does Aristide have to do with a murdered French citizen in Haiti...

Men Nouvel...

Why testifying, Marie-Louise Michelle, widow of the victim, told the court:

"I am convinced that the removal of my husband was remotely controled by Jean-Bertrand Aristide and executed by Amaral Duclona"

Ou tande pitit?

Thierry Burkard, the former Ambassador of France in Haiti (2003-2006) also testified. Burkard, described the horrors of the end of the Aristide regime, supported by armed gangs (Chimeres) that sowed terror just like the "Tontons Macoutes" of the Duvalier regime.

Buckard also testified that those chimeres were armed by the Aristide regime, they had access to the Presidential Palace where they took their orders and received money...

Bon fout... Aristide chita chita li Tabarre epi pou non li ap lonmen nan tribinal joul La France!

What do you think about this?

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Margarette Sou Facebook ak opozisyon saa ou panse yo pa tap rele pesekusyon politik men kan la justis chaje ak prèv.... e se pou sa patronl antre ayiti se pouke tout... see more
Reply · June 05 at 8:59 PM
Ronald Charles That's a shame for our justice system. Our government was suspose to judge him in Haiti not in France.
Reply · June 05 at 7:06 PM
Jacques Cherenfant Jouk jodia se Aristide kap finance dezod nan payi a ak pil lajan li te vole sou non pwoje P.P.P, plis mete tout lajan Leta sou compte en Bank privel... see more
Reply · May 23 at 1:07 AM
Garry Destin Need to be removed from Haiti or jail him.
Reply · May 21 at 7:37 PM
Rigaud Edouard Dapre mwen menm, se lè yo al pran Aristide anba-a m-ap santi-m satisfè paske pi gwo kriminèl la se Aristide. Mèsi la France..... see more
Reply · May 21 at 4:49 PM

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Subject: Haitian Gang Leader Amaral Duclona on Trial in France, Jean Bertrand Aristide's Name Came Up In The Trial edit

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