HaitianConnection - Haitian web site of the week

Haitian Connection is not your typical Haitian web site, it is more like a community and I think that's where most of the young Haitians hang out.

every member has their own profile and many of them are professionals. You can find out what they like, their hobby, personal interests,

This is truly an original idea.

How Haitian Connection got started

It all started with a small group of Boston software professionals using email as a means to communicate and ask questions while at work. The email list grew rapidly recruiting professionals of various backgrounds and living in other parts of the world.

All sorts of topics were being discussed and members were writing in from places like Port-au-Prince, Boston, Montreal, Paris, Phoenix, San Francisco, Washington DC, New York, New Jersey, Miami etc... Particularly, the New York members brought a life of synergy to the group and that spiced up the list...

You can read about this and a whole lot more in the "about us" Section of "Haitian Connection"

Update: What happened to Haitian Connection? The website has since shut down...

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Jouvee says...

Wooww I see lots of beautiful haitian females on this site I would like to have one of

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Untel says...

I've been asking the same question.

I was sooo addicted to HC. I took a long break in 2006 after giving birth, when I checked it out a couple of years later, it was down. I thought it was just a technical issue, so I kept on checking.

It took me a while to accept that the site is really gone :(
I really miss reading the forums.

I miss

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Esther Rosa says...

I am currently looking for 300 christian people that will want to Join me in praying for Haiti.

I lived in Haiti for one year and I have learned to love the Haitians like if I was one of them. God is calling 300 to join soldiers of prayer and spiritual warfare.

If you are you can join me at my facebook page. We are creating a web page that is going to be call Gideons Warriors.

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Lisa says...

Wow, HC was the site to visit, I used to be an HC junkie.

I am assuming it's those Epav faults the ones that were fabricating lies and nonsense all the time on the site. They made the creator mad and depi pou Li pa range site lan..

shame on you guys that did that and you guys know who you are. Anyway I miss you

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Sensual A The1 And Only says...

I dont know why haitian connection is not functionning anymore that was the best spot on the net 4 real. I sure had some fun there and meet so many interesting people like Chula, princecharming,Lyne, Vena and alot of big head there too well I miss you Haitianconnection Rest In Peace HC I love you and I hope you come back to me

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Neek says...

i been asking the same thing and no one seems to

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Tosierolle Brown Sugar says...

I didn't know that hc was not fuctioning anymore, what's going on, what about the people that web pages

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Understanding says...

I'm not even Haitian but I was a frequent visitor and participater in the LOVE SECTION of the Forum at Haitianconnection.

I learned a LOT from those who welcomed me with open arms. I had lots of spirited discussions.

Unfortunately those who were about bullsh*t or about talkin' about the same old nonsense over and over again began 2 take over. The place got boring, the creators of the site began neglecting it and pretty soon people stopped caring and the site died off and was never brought back. I had some GREAT memories from that place and made contacts with some great folks that i manage 2 keep in touch with over on FACEBOOK.

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Cord says...

KARIBANA is the largest Haitian concert ever to take place at Nassau Coliseum Uniondale New York. This spectacular event will be held on Sep, 4,2010 at 4 pm.
All of the Best and Finest Haitian Bands under one roof.

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Pierre F. Lherisson says...

US troops in Haiti is bad news. If they stay there for let say 10 years, we will have over one million drug addicts and all type of vices including gender confusion spreading

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