Haitian Bus Driver Wins the Lottery in Maryland...

Imagine that... Ysmaille Castor, a Haitian bus driver in Maryland, finds an old Mega Millions ticket from last year under his microwave... He decides to play the numbers again... He wins... 1 Million dollars US... What an amazing story!!!

Ysmaille took the lump sum option, he wil be receiving about $662,500 after taxes.

With that money, Ysmaille, a father of four, plans to pay off his truck and mortgage. He will set up a college fund for his children who are 20 months, three, five and 19, the Maryland Lottery says...

I remember, while living in New York, there used to be this NY State lotery ad that says: "All you need is a Dollar and a dream..."

Well... I guess you also need to start looking for old tickets under the microwave as well...

Congratulations Ysmaille Castor on your winnings... If you are one of newsletter readers, I need about 15,000 dollars to pay off my debts... Bless me... Will you?

What do you think about this?

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Jeff y'all are so funny when he was doing the hard work y'all didn't know him so why when he wins the Lottery thats when all of y'all trying to say... see more
Reply · October 01 at 6:15 AM
Evelson Garraud I have 5 kids just lost my job I'm late on my rent hop you Can help me with some thing please
Reply · January 28 at 1:17 PM
Paul Sometimes people are in the news for all the wrong reasons... However, in this case, it is a Haitian in the news for all the right reasons. I can... see more
Reply · January 28 at 10:49 AM

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