Haitian Blagues - Bouki and Ti Malice

Uncle Bouki Gets Whee-ai

Uncle Bouki went down to the city to market, to sell some yams, and while he was there he got hungry. He saw an old man squatting by the side of the road, eating something.

The old man was enjoying his food tremendously, and Bouki's mouth watered.

Bouki tipped his hat and said to the old man, "Where can I get some of whatever you are eating?" But the old man was deaf. He didn't hear a word Bouki said.

Bouki asked him then, "What do you call that food?" Just then the old man bit a hot pepper, and he said loudly, "Whee-ai!"

Bouki thanked him and went into the market.

He went everywhere asking for five centimes worth of whee-ai.

The people only laughed. Nobody had any whee-ai.

He went home thinking about whee-ai. He met Ti Malice on the way. Ti Malice listened to him and said, "I'll get you some whee-ai."

Malice went down and got some cactus leaves. He put them in a sack. He put some oranges on top of the cactus leaves. He put a pineapple on top. Then a potato. Then he brought the sack to Bouki.

Bouki reached in a took out a potato. "That's no whee-ai," he said.

He reached in and took out a pineapple. "That's no whee-ai," he said.

He reached in a took out oranges. "That's no whee-ai," Bouki said.

Then he reached way to the bottom and grabbed cactus leaves. The needles stuck into his hand. He jumped into the air. He shouted, "Whee-ai!"

"That's your whee-ai," Malice said.

From the book, "Teaching About Haiti,"
NECA (Network of Educators on the Americas)

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Cecilia Beuchat says...

Good day,
my name is Cecilia Beuchat, and I am a teacher and writer.

Right now I am preparing a bokk with tales from the inmigrantes in Chile.

Therefore I kindly ask you for the permission to translate to Spanish the tale Bouki and Ti Malice.


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Anne Saint Juste says...

I like everything about haitian

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