Haiti Vodou - Newly Elected ATI National Alcenat Zamor is Dead!

PHOTO: Haiti - Alcenat Zamor - Nouvo Ati National Vodou
Have you heard? The new leader (ATI National) of the the Haitian Vodou religion is DEAD... Alcenat Zamor was was elected on 10 December to replace Ati Max Beauvoir following his death back in September and 20 days later, he died...

Mezanmi, ou tande nouvel? Nouvo ATI National Vodou Haitien an gentan MOURI wi... Ati Alcenat Zamor ki te elu pou remplace Max Beauvoir mouri 20 jou apre nomination li nan lopital Bernard Mevs apre yon accident machin li te fè semaine pase a... Kisa ou panse de sa???

ATI Alcenat Zamor died from his injuries at Bernard Mevs Hospital following a traffic accident on Route National No. 1 which occurred on 21 December, only 11 days after becoming the official leader of vodou in Haiti

The induction ceremony of new National Ati Alcenat Zamor was supposed to he held on March 7, 2016 at Place des Gonaives but the man will be buried before way before his induction ceremony

How sad!

What do you think about that?

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Garry Elect an other one economically sound and a great credentials,
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