Haiti Television - Analog to Digital TV Deadline 15 Jun 2015

PHOTO: Old Television Set - Remember Public Televisions in Haiti?
Did you know? There is a 15 Jun 2015 Deadline for all Haiti Television broadcast to go Digital... How is this analog to digital going? Are the television stations ready?

I read about this in newspapers and on the web but I dont really hear about it in the streets...

In Haiti... the VHF and UHF Televisions with round knobs are called "Gidigidip" I do notice quite a bit of them still in existence... It is as if diaspora family member who went flat screen sent their old TVs to Haiti...

These TVs are not digital... What happens once Haiti goes digital? will there be a converer box sold like the ones in the USA?

What so you know about Haiti's Analog to Digital Transition?

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Patrick Princivil Haïti pa yon bwat fatra, vyé téchnology sa a fini dépi nan zòn 2008 yo, diaspora paka ap lévé yon gro bout... see more
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