Haiti Rumors - King Kessy of Koudjay is Dead - Koudjay Manager says FALSE!

King Kessy of KOUDJAY is NOT Dead... Many Haitians woke up to the news this morning that Haitian singer King Kessy of the racine Group Koudjay is DEAD... This is NOT TRUE according to an audio release by the manager of the group...

PHOTO: King Kessy Koudjay

Some well know people and web sites are already telling Kessy to Rest in Peace (R.I.P)... Not yet people... Not Yet!!! LOL...

Here is the audio sound clip from Brutus Cadet, manager of Kouday, confirming that Kessy is alive and well...

"Se Manti, se yon rumeur... Se Brutus ki de se manti..."

Actually King Kessy is in studio recording 3 songs that is due to be released soon, manager Cadet says...

Listen to this...

What do you think about that?

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Hetot says...

I need to know if it true king messy of koudjay is

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Dr Marie Gaspard says...

I love him he's going to be

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Natasha Derival says...

I hope is not

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Patrick Princivil says...

bagay sa yo pa gadé pil boudam menm,

sé ravè yo ak pinèze yo map tan mouri nan maniféstasyon ki gen poul fèt an Haiti

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