FLASH : Haiti Rebel Guy Phillipe Sentenced to 9 Years in Prison in the USA

Breaking News... Guy Phillipe, Haitian rebel leader and recently elected Senator of Haiti, was sentenced to spend nine years in prison in the United States Wednesday for accepting bribes to protect cocaine smugglers who used Haiti to ship drugs to the United States.

The Miami Herald Reports:

Guy Philippe, 49, had pleaded guilty in late April to a drug-related, money-laundering conspiracy charge.

His plea agreement allowed him to avoid going to trial in May on a more serious trafficking charge that could have sent him to prison for the rest for his life.

Instead, he faced up to 20 years on the money laundering conviction, but under the federal sentencing guidelines the punishment amounted to about half that time.

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Asnath Colson says...

If he's a US citizen or legal resident, he has to serve his his time here. He's facing real prison here. No one to bribe to get him

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Anangman Rassoux says...

Why in prison in the USA and not in his own

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Guy Phillipe News says...

Guy Phillipe, ex chef rebel haitien et récemment élu sénateur d'Haiti, a été condamné à passer neuf ans de prison aux États-Unis mercredi pour avoir accepté des pots de vin pour protéger les passeurs de cocaine qui ont utilisé Haïti pour expédier des drogues aux États-Unis.

Guy Philippe, âgé de 49 ans, avait plaidé coupable à la fin d'avril à une accusation de conspiration contre le blanchiment de l'argent.

Son accord de plaidoyer lui a permis d'éviter d'être jugé en mai sur une accusation de trafic plus grave qui l'aurait envoyé en prison pour le reste de sa vie.

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