FLASH : Haiti Racine Music : Singer FREDO from KANPECH is in the Hospital, he is really sick

Haitian music alert... Frederic Pierre Louis aka Fredo, the lead singer of racine group Kanpech is REALLY sick, he is in the hospital and his friend are begging for help to save his life..

A couple of music artists including Ti Pay went on Radio Caraibes FM to alert the public that Fredo is hospitalized in Diquini and he will not survive unless he is taken to a better hospital outside the country.

According to one of them, Fredo in critical condition, he's been in the hospital for 12 days and yet is in room 209 in Diquini hospital where he is being cared for by medical students in training...

Listen to this AUDIO: Jean Monard Metellus of Radio Caraibes FM talking to Ti Pay about Fredo's condition in the hospital.

What do you think about that?

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Rza says...

That's sad to hear!!!

However it is funny to hear from another fellow of his saying that he needs to be taking to another hospital outside of Haiti, now they realize how important it is to have a good hospital, water and electricity..

Thinking about a regular invidual who doesn't have the proper fan base or the connection to be taken outside of the Haiti to go to a better hospital..

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Haiti Musique says...

Frédéric Pierre Louis alias Fredo, le chanteur principal du groupe racine Kanpech est vraiment malade, il est à l'hôpital et ses ami demande de l'aide pour sauver sa vie ...

Quelques artistes, dont Ti Pay, se sont rendus à Radio Caraibes FM pour alerter le public que Fredo est hospitalisé à Diquini et qu'il ne survivra que s'il est conduit dans un meilleur hôpital à l'extérieur du pays.

Ecoutez cette AUDIO: Jean Monard Metellus de Radio Caraibes FM parlant à Ti Pay au sujet de l'état de Fredo à l'hôpital.

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Subject: FLASH : Haiti Racine Music : Singer FREDO from KANPECH is in the Hospital, he is really sick edit

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